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The Theatre Handbook has been compiled by the Theatre Faculty and Staff to give
students majoring in Theatre and Musical Theatre, or minoring in Theatre,
information about how the Theatre program operates. It covers major and minor
requirements, audition information, special projects, production requirements,
and other information pertinent to students interested in Theatre. We hope that
you will find the handbook helpful and use it as a reference throughout the year.
The following Mission Statement and Education Goals have been designed by the
Theatre faculty to serve as guides for the activities of the department. It is our
hope that work in the classroom and on stage is reflective of these principles,
which strive to view the theatre not only as entertainment but also as a means to
transform the lives of those affected by it.
The BSC Theatre Department is a theatre training program in the context of an
undergraduate liberal arts tradition.
The Department offers academic rigor within a challenging, collaborative program
of courses and the production of plays, musicals and operas. BSC Theatre's
teaching reflects the importance of hard work, kindness, critical thinking and
humility. These combined have the power to create theatre which entertains,
educates and enlightens.
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