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B. The Application Process
Once you have decided you want to study abroad, it is a good idea to meet with a Sklenar Center
staff member to discuss your options. Following this meeting, you will need to complete your travel
All approved study abroad students will remain enrolled at BSC throughout their study abroad
term. Any scholarships that do not apply during the study abroad term will resume upon your return
to BSC.
I. Navigating the Online Study Abroad Application
When you first access the onlin
You can also access your study abroad profile on the Sklenar Center web site
by clicking “international study” and then “profile”. You will need to
set up a new account at the bottom of the log in screen. In the future, you will sign in at the top of the
screen with your BSC e-mail id and password. After signing in, if you see the message “There is a
problem with this Web site's security certificate,” click “Continue to this Web site” in order to
authenticate your application process. You will also need to make sure the computer’s pop-up
blocker is turned off. To do this, click on “Tools” in the upper right corner of the page.
You will complete your Study Abroad Profile online. The forms found within the online Travel
Application System must be completed, printed, signed, and submitted to the Sklenar Center along
with a copy of your TheSIS transcript. These forms include the Independent International Travel
Release Form and Scholarship Application Form. You must also ask a faculty member to send a
recommendation to
commenting on your ability to succeed academically and
socially abroad.
Once you have finished completing your online study abroad profile, the instructions direct you to
use the “Test Info.” link under “Action” to test your application for completeness. (If you do not see
the “Test info.” link in the lower left corner of the page, terminate your session and log in again.
Logging back in should make this link appear). Once your application is complete, submit it. Once
approved to study abroad, you will be able to access the on-line “Transient Course Form” within your
Study Abroad Profile. This is the form that will record course approvals by BSC faculty. You must
provide the appropriate course information as requested on the transient course form. Once the
course information is complete, you should speak with the appropriate faculty members who would