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Direct Enrollment Programs

Direct enrollment partnerships provide students options to study, intern, research and participate in service-learning abroad in many universities or in theme-based programs around the world. Enrolling through one of BSC's partner programs or universities is usually the most cost-effective way to study abroad, due to scholarship options and lower tuition rates. While studying abroad through a partner program, students remain enrolled at BSC.

Foreign University Partners:

Birmingham-Southern makes a commitment to offer high quality academic programs for students at universities around the world. The opportunity to directly enroll at one of our partner universities gives you the chance to internationalize your academic studies and to learn from distinguished faculty and to befriend students from across the world. All university partnerships have offices specifically designed to assist students from North America.  Students remain enrolled at BSC while abroad through these partnerships.

"Study abroad has benefitted me in ways that I never could have imagined before I left. Experiencing people and cultures different from my own allowed me to gain a better understanding of the world and a diverse set of experiences in an increasingly global society.  Studying abroad in an entirely different country and culture where I knew no one and had only myself to rely upon game me a sense of independence and confidence that I could not have gained any other way."
Mary McDaniel, studied history for the semester at Vesalius College in Brussels, Belgium.

North American Providers

The following organizations arrange and lead a variety of study abroad programs for college students. Each North American provider or U.S. institution offers different options and locations for study. Although these programs differ in destination, program design, and requirements, all offer course credit that is transferable to BSC provided students receive pre-approval for the courses they take.

The payment process for directly enrolling involves students paying tuition, room, and board directly to the study abroad partner.   BSC only charges a study abroad fee to the student which covers medical insurance abroad. The provider program, in turn, takes care of the students' logistical needs and acts as a liaison between students and the host institutions. Through a direct enrollment partner, students are eligible to take their need-based financial aid, but not merit aid, to cover the cost of tuition.

"Coming abroad has changed my life forever. I have learned so much about both my cultures. I experienced and learned what others simply read about. That makes me more competitive in my field."
-Shyla Gonzalez Bulbul, pursued Middle Eastern Studies through CIEE in Turkey