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Study Abroad Deadlines

Term of Study Abroad

Application Deadline

Summer Semester 2016

November 25, 2015

Fall Semester 2016

November 25, 2015

Academic Year 2016-17

November 25, 2015

Spring Semester 2017

April 27, 2016

Applying to study abroad at BSC is as simple as 1-2-3 GO. Study abroad provides students with global opportunities that develop out of formal academic programs. Each of these programs offers valuable and specialized options for students interested in pursuing internships, service-learning, study and research. For additional assistance, please visit the Sklenar Center for International Programs or contact specific staff members and peer advisors to assist you.

Study Abroad Application Process

1-2-3 GO

Step 1:
Submit application materials below by the appropriate BSC deadline.

  • Request a Faculty Recommendation. Ask one of your professors to send Anne Ledvina ( an informal e-mail that comments upon your ability to succeed academically and socially while on an overseas study program.

  • If interested, complete the Sklenar Center Travel Award Application by the correlating study abroad deadline.

Step 2:
Register for the Pre-departure Course

The next step is to register for the course IS101A Pre-Departure Topics for Study Abroad course for the academic term prior to your departure. This semester-long course offers an opportunity to learn more about your host country, your home country, and issues that will make cultural transitions easier. Pre-Departure Topics for Study Abroad is a required course for all students planning to study abroad (Summer/Semester/Year) regardless of major or minor.

Step 3:
Apply to one of BSC's partner university/exchange or provider programs.

When deciding upon your chosen university or program, consider courses offered, academic calendar, scholarships and costs associated In addition to GPA requirements. GPA requirements vary between universities/programs and some institutions require a higher GPA than BSC's study abroad minimum of 2.5. Also, if you plan to apply for an exchange program, the Sklenar Center will need to nominate you before you can apply to your chosen university. Check with Anne Ledvina about deadlines for nominations.

For additional assistance, please visit the Sklenar Center for International Programs.

"I studied abroad in Oxford this past summer, and it made me wish I had spent the entire year there. It is always a challenging and rewarding experience to live for more than a month in a culture that is different from your own. To have had the opportunity to study British history in England, and especially in Oxford, is a privilege I am so thankful to have had."
-Amy Yearwood, studied literature and history through British Studies at Oxford