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Philosophy & Religion

Department of Philosophy and Religion

Our department brings together two of the core disciplines in the humanities. BSC offers majors and minors in philosophy and religion, plus an interdisciplinary major in religion and philosophy.


In the western world, the great philosophers from Plato to Whitehead have reflected on beliefs about the physical world, moral and religious commitments, aesthetic experiences, relations of the individual to the community, and other phases of human experience. Together, we’ll pursue their work, deepening your insights into the meaning of human existence and exploring the possibilities for individuals to participate creatively in the reconstruction of their values to meet the new conditions of the contemporary world. You’ll learn to understand the analytical techniques of the great philosophers, such as various systems of logic, studies of the nature and limits of the human understanding, and linguistic analysis.


Our study of religion will introduce you to the religious heritage of humankind and to challenge you to think critically and constructively in context of this heritage. An academic understanding of religion is an essential ingredient of a liberal arts education, so we teach a variety of courses in Biblical studies, religious thought and practice, and history of religions to aid you in interpreting the religious dimension of life.

Department Chair: J. Lawrence Brasher, PhD
Denson N. Franklin Professor of Religion
Department of Philosophy and Religion
Birmingham-Southern College
Birmingham, AL 35254

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