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Faculty & Staff

Full-Time Faculty:

  • Leon W. Couch, III (Ph.D., D.M.A., University of Cincinnati) -- Theory, Applied Piano, Applied Organ
  • Jeremy Grall (D.M.A., University of Memphis) -- Musicology and Guitar
  • Jeff Kensmoe (D.M., University of Northern Colorado) - Department Chair, Director, BSC Opera, Applied Voice
  • Jacqueline Leary-Warsaw (D.M.A. Peabody Conservatory of Music) – Applied Voice, Music History, Vocal Pedagogy and Diction
  • Ginger Zingara (MMEd, Troy University) - Director of Bands
  • Lester C. Seigel (D.M.A. University of Colorado, Boulder) – Conducting, Theory, Music Literature, Concert Choir

Professors Emeriti Offering Applied Music Instruction:

  • William L. DeVan, Jr.: Piano Instruction (M.M. The Juilliard School of Music)
  • David J. Smith: (D.M.A. University of Texas at Austin) – Applied Voice, Music Appreciation

Adjunct Applied Music Faculty:

  • James Baker, Horn
  • Jennifer Bryant, Voice
  • Jay Burnham, Percussion
  • Leonard Candalaria, Trumpet
  • Judith Donaldson, Clarinet
  • Zakaria Enekeev, Viola
  • Daniel Glaze, Saxophone
  • Craig Hultgren, Cello, String Pedagogy
  • Jeffrey Koonce, Trombone
  • Erin Ludwick, Voice
  • David Mazanec, Bass
  • Constance Moore, Piano, Piano Pedagogy
  • Anne Pandolfi, Violin
  • James Seay, Voice
  • James Sullivan, Oboe
  • JoDean Tingle, Piano, Piano Ensemble
  • Lisa Weinhold, Flute
  • Margery McDuffie Whatley, Piano

Additional Adjunct Faculty:

  • Katy E. Leonard, Ethnomusicology, Adjunct Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Brown University)
  • Mary Elizabeth Neal, Music Theory (M.M., Florida State University)
  • Rebecca Remley, DMA, Composition, Music Technology (D.M.A., University of Alabama)


  • Judy E. Pandelis, Manager of the College Theatre Box Office/Academic Programs Secretary/Art & Art History, Music, and Theatre Departments
  • Russell Williams: Piano Technician

Staff Accompanists

  • Virginia Dismukes
  • Chris Griffin
  • Derek Jackson
  • Diana Proteasa