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Exploration Term

The Exploration term emphasizes innovation and experimentation for both students and faculty. Exploration term refers to the

College’s January term. Projects offered during this term facilitate exploration not possible during the regular term, including

group study-travel projects focused on a specific region or issue, on-campus projects that examine a topic from multiple angles,

or projects that provide sustained focus and practice over extended meetings. Students also participate in internships or contract

their own projects during January.

Norton Board of Advisors

The Norton Board is a group of over 200 community leaders who advise the College’s programs and facilitate internships and

mentorships for students. The Norton Board’s charge is to connect the College to the community, its people and its needs, as

well as to connect the community to the College’s students. Established in 1974 to honor the memory of Edward Lee Norton,

the Norton Board provides a forum for mixing the academic and theoretical wisdom of the College with the practical advice of

Birmingham’s business and professional communities. The Norton Board also supports Panther Partnerships, a nine-month

professional mentoring experience for Birmingham-Southern students.

Hess Center for Leadership and Service

Established in 1999, the Hess Center promotes effective leadership practice and advocacy through the Distinction in Leadership

Studies Academic Program, the First-Year Leadership Challenge, and Hess Fellows Advocacy Internships.

Bunting Center for Engaged Study and Community Action

The Bunting Center, named in 2007, coordinates and supports the College’s curricular and co-curricular service-learning program,

including regional, national, and international partnerships. In coordination with rise


and the Hess Center, the Bunting Center

supports faculty professional development for community-based learning and research.

e Sklenar Center for International Programs

The Sklenar Center coordinates all national and international study-travel projects, assisting students and faculty in the selection

and design of study-travel experiences suited to individual interests and needs. Partnerships with international institutions

and educational programs allow students to study away during the regular term, contract a travel experience during January, or

complete a summer internship at an national or international location.

Shibani Chakrabarty (‘18),

President Elect of PanHellenic,

Hess Fellow, studied abroad

in spring 2016 in London,

England through the

American Institute for Foreign

Study (AIFS)

“I thought I would have to choose between

studying abroad and embracing leadership

opportunities at the College. However, with

hard work and determination, I was able

to do both. Choosing to study abroad was

the best decision I have made. My advice

is this: if you have the slightest inclination

to study abroad, the tiniest amount of

wanderlust in you, then do not let anything

hold you back.”