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Birmingham-Southern College Institutional Review Board

(Research Involving Human Subjects)

BSC has a responsibility to protect the welfare of human subjects in research conducted at or sponsored in some part by the college. To that end, and in compliance with federal rules, the college has established a Human Subjects Review Board (HSRB) charged with reviewing all proposed research that would involve the use of human subjects.

All research involving human subjects conducted under the auspices of Birmingham-Southern College must be reviewed and approved by the BSC HSRB before any data collection occurs. As a first step in the review process, principal and collaborating investigators and all others participating in the conduct of the research must complete the appropriate training course at The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program). The CITI registration instructions are available in the BSC HSRB CITI New Learner Account Registration document. CITI training will be mandatory for any requests for review received after 12:00 AM on Monday, March 23, 2015. Most research conducted at BSC will require completion of the Social & Behavioral Research Investigators training course. If the research is in the biomedical field, completion of the Biomedical Research Investigators course is required. Additional courses may be required depending on the nature and extent of the proposed research. Upon completion of the course, be sure to obtain and save the CITI course completion report and submit it with your request for review. Submit completion reports for all faculty, staff, and students who will conduct the research.

In the Transition period up until March 23, 2015 those seeking review may use either the previous IRB form or new HSRB forms. The previous IRB form is available at this link:  Request for HSRB Review and Approval (old IRB form).  HSRB has two forms for requesting review. See the BSC HSRB Guide for Faculty, Students, and Staff or help in determining the appropriate level of review for your research project. The form to request an exemption from further review is the BSC Request for HSRB Review of Exempt Research. Use the form BSC Request for HSRB Review of Non-Exempt Research for expedited or full review. NOTE: These forms will open in your web browser. You MUST save the form to your computer and then input your information on that saved version. If you fail to do so, your information will be lost.

The completed form and the CITI training certificate(s) should be sent to Angela White in the Provost's Office via e-mail at Only electronic copies of requests for review will be accepted and only at the e-mail address of the HSRB Administrator. If you have questions regarding your Request for HSRB Review and Approval you may contact the Chair of the HSRB, Dr. Jason Heaton, at Until further notice the HSRB will continue to operate under IRB Rules and Procedures available online.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Members

Jason Heaton, IRB Chair, Assistant Professor of Biology
Joseph Chandler, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Pam Sawallis, Assistant Professor of Library Science
Martha Ann Stevenson, Assistant Provost