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Honors Program

Independent Projects and Faculty Sponsors

Projects produced by the most recent graduating year are listed here. To see an archive of previous projects, click here.

Class of 2014

  • Ian Gregory Adams, "The Tale in the Telling: My Journey to Becoming a Storyteller," Professor Michael Flowers, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Robert Taylor Bain, "It's Getting Hot in Here: The Hedonics of Homemade Hot Sauce," Professor Lynne Trench, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Thomas Hart Benton, "Fermenting a Revolution: The Role of Home Brewing in America's War for Independence," Professor Randall Law, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Madeline Ann Broming, "The MTV Craze: A Study of Popular Music in Film and its Role in Marketing," Professor David Resha, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Laura Elizabeth Clontz, "Ancient Glazing: An Exploration of Chemistry in Art," Professor Scott Dorman, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Christen Leanne Connolly, "Children's Perceptions of Poverty as Perceived in Children's Literature, 'What Do the Children Think?': Discussing Poverty in the Classroom through Picture Books Exile, Professor Amelia Spencer, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Lauren Victoria Erickson, "May the Odds Be Ever in your Favor: A Look at the Political Commentary Expressed in Young Adult Dystopian Fiction through The Hunger Games," Professor Kent Andersen, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Kimberly Ivette Estupinan, "From Nosferatu to Edward Cullen," Professor Matthew Mielke, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Alexandra Elaine Faust, "A Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Whimey Thing: Tracking the Successes and Failures of BBC's Classic and Modern 'Doctor Who' Series through British Television Advertising," Professor David Resha, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Jerica LaShay Gibson, "Church Music in Transition: A Study in Why Changing Church Music Creates a Tension in the United Methodist Church," Professor Lester Seigel, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Kate Whitney Glasscock, "Re-Imagining the Deck: Creating a New Tarot for the Deep South," Professor Kevin Shook, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Kaitlyn Nicole Green, "You're Important Now Because We Need You: The Effect of the 1959 Tibetan Exile on the View of Women's Roles in a Refugee Community Today," Professor Mark McClish, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Bailey Rhea Kimbell, "Bound to Change: A Historical and Practical Study of Bookbinding," Professor Charlotte Ford, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Kelly Elizabeth Lanier, "Mumford and his Sons: Disciples of a Modern Generation," Professor Amy Cottrill, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Amanda Hope Lloyd, "Looking at Today's World Through the Eyes of Camus: Exploring Current Human Rights Issues with the Voice of Albert Camus," Professor Bill Myers, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Abigail Ward Morrison, "Fùtbol, Violence, Politics, and Corruption in Latin America," Professor Vince Gawronski, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Ashley Elaine Parsons, "Economies of Ale: The Economic Impact of Craft Breweries in Alabama," Professor Kathleen Rossmann, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Ross Lane Pearlman, "Shapes and Colors: Exploring Ruth Herzog's Geometric Style," Professor Pamela Venz, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Gabriela Marie Sherrod, "A Rebel in Spanish Cinema: An Exploration of Camp and La Movida Madrileña in Pedro Almodóvar's Film Pepi, Luci, Bom, y Otras Chicas del Montón," Professor Janie Spencer, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Susan Elizabeth Tuberville, "Human Trafficking, Immigration, and Organized Crime: Trends in the Southeastern United States and Mediterranean Regions," Professor Vince Gawronski, Faculty Sponsor.
  • Elizabeth Roslyn Wallace, "'Proclaim liberty throughout the land': The Economics of the Jubilee Year in Leviticus 25," Professor Amy Cottrill, Faculty Sponsor.

Class of 2013

  • Andrew Curtiss Clack, “How to Write a Seinfeld Sitcom: An Experiment in Screenwriting for the ‘Show about Nothing’,” Dr. David Resha, Faculty Sponsor.

  • Allyson Alayne Cox, “Don’t strain your neck! My Artistic and Religious Travelogue of Italian Renaissance Ceiling Art,” Dr. Michael McInturff, Faculty Sponsor.

  • Ryan Michael DeMarco, “Walking in Artist’s Shoes: Teaching Myself How to Paint Like an Impressionist,” Professor Steven Cole, Faculty Sponsor.

  • Elizabeth Anne Hagale, “The Art of War ... Famine, Conquest and Death,” Professor Steven Cole, Faculty Sponsor.

  • Abbey Victoria Hester, “Astronomical Mythology: Understanding the Stars through Creative Astronomy," Dr. Mark Rupright, Faculty Sponsor.

  • Kristin Nicole Meyer, “The Linguistics Behind the Logic: How Language Influences the Stigma of Atheism in America,” Dr. Clare Emily Clifford, Faculty Sponsor.

  • Rachel Elizabeth Morgan, “Statelessness and Public Health: A Comparative Study of the Tibetan Community-in-Exile and the Undocumented Hispanic Community in Alabama,” Dr. Robert Slagter, Faculty Sponsor.

  • Nona Ann Nichols, “Is BSC Safe from the American Culture of Fear?: A Study of BSC Students’ Safety Concerns and Avoidance Behaviors,” Dr. Heather Meggers-Wright, Faculty Sponsor.

  • Kelsie Marie Overton, “From the Educator’s Perspective: A Look at why the U.S. Education System is Failing, and what Creative Solutions are Possible,” Dr. Louanne Jacobs, Faculty Sponsor.

  • Magdalena Jeanette Teske, “The History and Sociology of German-American Immigration: A Genealogical Study,” Dr. Judith Cox, Faculty Sponsor.

  • Chelsea Nicole Vance, “Lend Me a Hand Here: How Culture and Hand Morphology Influences Stone Tool Development,” Dr. Jason Heaton, Faculty Sponsor.

  • Savannah Julianne Wallace, “Behind Closed Doors: An Examination of the Disappearance of the Public Execution,” Dr. Vince Gawronski, Faculty Sponsor.

  • Joyanne Therese West, “Representation of Female Serial Killers in the Television Series ‘Deadly Women,’” Dr. Heather Meggers-Wright, Faculty Sponsor.

  • Joshua Jonathon Wilkerson, “The Art of Translation: Rilke in English,” Dr. Anita Huang, Faculty Sponsor.