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The First-Year Leadership Challenge is a variation on LEAD, a similar program for first-year students in previous years. Here's what students have said about LEAD:

The program is more than just a series of classes that teaches students about leadership. It gave us the skills necessary to focus on where we may need improvement as a leader, and it gave us the opportunity to strengthen those areas through the support of our peers. By participating in various activities, including a leadership retreat and working together to achieve goals, the program provided the stepping stones for BSC students to become great leaders on campus, in the community, and in life.
-Claire Burns

I signed up for the program expecting that it would teach me how to become a better leader, but it ultimately changed my perspective on leadership. Because I participated in the program, I now view leadership in a much broader sense and recognize realistic ways that I can improve my leadership potential. The discussions and exercises examining leadership that helped me reach these conclusions were fascinating, and I especially enjoyed the orienteering session, the reflections dinner, and the opportunity to make new friends.
-Cody Lewis

The notion of 'leadership' has been tarnished by clichés and generalizations – we often hear about what leadership is, but rarely do we experience it and understand it. The program, however, offered extraordinary insight and valuable knowledge of the nuances of leading. Rather than a shallow lesson in 'leadership,' I learned how to collaborate with others, develop goals, and successfully achieve my objectives. These lessons will help me out for a long time.
-Sumeet Singh

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