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Senior Capstone Presentations

The senior research project invites seniors to intertwine theoretical and practical knowledge by completing a case study of an organization or group. Students interview stakeholders, attend meetings and events, and collect archival materials—all with the purpose of helping the organization address a leadership challenge.  The project culminates in a paper and public presentation.


Hilary Brooks,  sociology major from Acworth, Georgia
Senior project: Don't Squash Community: An Analysis of the Family Resource Center's Garden Project

Hannah Burgess,  business major from Homewood, Alabama
Senior project: Overcoming Complex Challenges: An Organization's Wish Come True

Jacquelyn Cox,  political conflict and peace studies, theatre double major from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Senior project: It's Good to Talk: The Importance of Honest Interdepartmental Communication in Nonprofit Organizations

Catherine Crawford,  urban environmental studies major from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Senior project: The Challenge of Effective Communication between a Nonprofit and a Government Agency

Brittany Herring,  history major from Pelham, Alabama
Senior project: Leadership in Crisis: Understanding Leadership at the Crisis Center

Zach Hesson,  business major from Marietta, Georgia
Senior project: Business Degree in a Liberal Arts Context: Communicating to Internal and External Stakeholders

Lauren Lockhart,  business major from Vestavia Hills, Alabama
Senior project: Getting in Formation: The Challenge of Developing a Collective Expectation among the BSC Pantherettes

Coty Lovelady,  religion major from Montevallo, Alabama
Senior project: Strategy in Student Interests: SGA's Transparent Momentum

Alex Lupo,  psychology major from Birmingham, Alabama
Senior project: Keeping Pops Popular: A Complex Leadership Challenge at Steel City Pops

Kanika Manne,  biology major from Hoover, Alabama
Senior project: Binders Full of Expectations: Revealing the Challenges Faced by Birmingham-Southern's Female Faculty

David Olsen,  business major from Huntsville, Alabama
Senior project: Transforming Culture: Serving among the Homeless at the Church of the Reconciler

Kimber Reeves,  media and film studies major from Moulton, Alabama
Senior project: The Complex Challenges of a Microbrewery Addressed

Alexa Ruiz,  business major from Ardmore, Alabama
Senior project: Moving Forward: Addressing the Complex Challenges of the Birmingham-Southern Cross Country Team

Brittany Wheeler,  urban environmental studies major from Gulf Breeze, Florida
Senior project: Bringing Home the Gold: Case Study on Leadership in the BSC Admissions Staff

Nikki Wright,  elementary education major from Pell City, Alabama
Senior project: Mission and Metaphor: An Analysis of the Birmingham-Southern College Department of Education through the Lens of Its Conceptual Framework



There is no “I” in Dermatology: Collaborative Leadership in a Dermatology Practice
Ashley Ann Alex, Biology

Cash Retriever, A Company in Transition: Will Leadership Emerge?
Rebecca Broussard, Business

Reconsidering Style: VSA Alabama and Organizational Leadership
Aaron Brown, Business

Part of the Team:
Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama

Claire Burns, English

In Need of Direction: The Multicultural Advisory Committee’s Flow of Order
Camille Cannada, Urban Environmental Studies

Alabama Association of Nonprofits: A Case Study
Jennifer Commander, English and Spanish


Leadership in Transition: The BSC President’s Council
Virginia Ann Jordan, Spanish

Faculty Leadership at the Altamont School
CeCe Lacey, Spanish

Leadership that Reinforces Learning:
Do it Yourself Crafts

Caitlin MacCary, Psychology

Leadership Paradox:
Leaders and Followers at Losel Matri
Sarah McCune, English

“Compete with Character”:
The Case of Sprayberry Lacross
Judy Montalvo, Business

Untangling Natural Leadership:
An Analysis of Leadership of the Greater Birmingham
Fiber Guild
Kait Talley, English



The American Gideon: Henry A Wallace's Failure in the 1948 Presidential Campaign
Will Breland, History - Political Science

Henry Ford: Tending His Flock
Emma Dortch, History

Virgins and Poker Faces: A Comparative Analysis of Madonna's and Lady Gaga's Leadership in Gender
Mary Katherine Foster, English

Fear and Loathing in America: The Rhetoric of Glenn Beck
Wes George, History

What would the "Southern Lady" Do?
The Leadership of Southern Suffragists and Antisuffragists
Stephanie Gossett, Math

Thrown to the Bottom of the Barrel:
Philip Zimbardo's Rise and Fall in the
Stanford Prison Experiment
Caitlin Hodges, Biology

Eli Black and United Brands:
The Dark Side of Leadership
David Hunter, Business Administration

Lampiao: The Legend of the
Ruthless Bandit of the Backlands
Will Kleist, Theatre

Lawless Leadership: The Pragmatism of Machiavelli
Matt Maloy, Philosophy - Politics - Economics

A Failure to Regain Faith: Jimmy Carter and Reelection Campaign of 1980
Sarah Kate Masters, History


A Big Give or a Big Scam?
Oprah Winfrey's Philanthropic Leadership
Ashley Moore, Business Administration

"Mr. President, we have a problem!":
The Leadership Style of McGeorge Bundy in the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations
Ben Odendahl, Political Science

Fela Anikulapo-Kuti:
Pan-African Leader through Afrobeat
Matt Parker, Theatre

Rev. Benjamin Morgan Palmer:
God's Prophet for the Confederacy
Hunter Pugh, Religion

One of the Guys?:
Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah Palin's
Fight Against Gender
Ashley Rhea, Political Science

Dichotomy of Leadership: Pablo Escobar
Caleb Story, Economics

From Sunrise to Knightfall:
The Charismatic Leadership of Bob Knight
Chris Tidwell, Business Administration

The Merchant of Death:
The Influence of Tobacco Lobbyist Nick Naylor in
Thank You For Smoking
Richard Tsao, Business Administration

The Wind Blows Underground:
Interpreting the Leadership of the Weathermen
Charlsie Wigley, English



Beyond Steel: Andrew Carnegie and the
Visionary Leadership of Giving
Wes Aiken, Economics

Starved for Equality: Alice Paul and the
 National Woman’s Party
Emily Bertella, Sociology

HOPE: Propaganda and the Portrait of a President
Anne Condit, Art

Why Being a Bitch Rocks!
Caroline Culver, Political Science

Building a Movement for Indigenous Rights in Río Negro: EPADHES and the Mapuche Resistance
Claire Davis, Human Rights in the Americas

Origins of Grassroots Advocacy: The Success of
Anti-Corn Law League, 1838-1846
Kayse Eckelman, International Studies

The Witch Is on Her Broom!: Portrayals of the Modern Female Professional in The Proposal
Katelyn Hancock, Art

Blowing the Whistle: Sherron Watkins and the
Enron Scandal
Jenna Luckie, Business Administration

Leading through Tweeting
Kriti Mishra, Business Administration

A New Current in the Hudson:
Al Smith and His Political Coalition
James Randolph, History

Crisis Leadership:
Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Cuba

Brad Robinson, Business Administration

Credit to Community: The Role of Microcredit in Birmingham, Alabama
Kathleen Smith, Philosophy - Politics - Economics

iCult: When Followers Are Really Leaders
Lance Spencer, Business Administration

Milking It for All It’s Worth:
Monsanto’s Corporate Social Responsibility
Diana Wilmoth, Political Science/Pre-Med



Sex in the City – Morals, Money, Manipulation and Power: A Defense of Free Women of Color
Shandria Bell, History-Political Science

Burn Your Bra: Author Sally Helgesen has an Honest Conversation with Veronica Mars on Women's Ways of Leading
Natalie Bonner, English

Defending a Decision: Thurgood Marshall's Selection of Jack Greenberg
Gary Crosby, Political Science

Temporary Revolutions: Alexander Kerensky and his Failed Leadership of the Russian Provisional Government
Brian Davis, Biology

Creating Common Ground: A Grassroots Effort in the Battle for Same-Sex Marriage
Mallory Dazelle, Political Science

The Disruptive Physician: A Prescription of Leadership Theory
Susan Fant, Business

Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, and Folk Protest Music: Cultural Heroism or Movement Leadership
Channing Kennedy, History-Political Science

Russia, 1917: The Inevitable Failure of Shared Leadership between the Bolsheviks and the Soviets
Jeff Lucas, Biology

Give a Little Bit: How Micro-Lending in India Can Empower Women and Alleviate Poverty
Carson Land, English

What's Done Behind Closed Doors: The Unethical Use of Bribery in Business Negotiations
Shequita Malone, Business

The Pollick Presidency: Controversy and Courage
Angie Matthews, Political Science

Going, Going, Gone: A Critical Analysis of the Scandal between International Auction Houses Christie's and Sotheby's
Fran Richardson, Business

From 1960 to 1968: The Evolution of Robert Kennedy's Leadership from Transactional to Transforming
Art Richey, Political Science

Mother Ann Lee: A Case of Charisma and Leadership in the Shaker Community
Miriam Smith, English

Leadership Roulette: A Matter of Life or Death (A Short Film)
Laura Spurgeon, Theatre

Revolution, Grrrl Style, Now!: How the Riot Grrrls Changed Modern Feminism
David VanLandingham, History


The Bulldog Without a Battle: Churchill's Failure to Adapt Between the Wars
Brendan Burn, Biology

Expanding the Circle: Women Fighting AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa
Emmy Corey, Religion

A Grain of Salt Can Shake an Empire: Mohandas Gandhi and Charismatic Leadership
Missy Golson, Political Science

C.S. Lewis: Charismatic Leadership on the Airways
Scott Grantland, Religion

Five Points South: The Intersection of Poverty and Prosperity
Liz Heck, Psychology

The Phenomenon of Alcoholics Anonymous: A Leadership Conundrum
Julie Holden, Psychology

Leading Edge Institute: Improving Women's Leadership in Alabama
Stephanie Lenning, Political Science

The Enron Fiasco: A Societal Failure
Tripp Salem, Business

Leading “Little Women” Locally: Louisa May Alcott and the 19th Century Women's Rights Movement
Rachel Stinson, English

Maria Elena Moyano: A Visionary Light in Search of a Better Future
Onna Sweatman, International Studies

Britain's Booming Islamic Population: Who is in Charge?
Kacey Swindell, Political Science

The Followers of Pablo Escobar: A Critical Analysis of Bad Leadership
Stacey Vitello, Political Science

Cecil Williams: A Legend in his Own Time – A Legend in his Own Mind
Katie Wilson, Psychology

The Sweetness of Their Tongues: Women Leaders of the New Right and Rhetorical Smokescreens
Mary Page Wilson, English


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