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Distinction in Leadership Studies

The Academic Distinction in Leadership Studies Program facilitates the study and practice of leadership. The program explores such questions as,

  • Can leadership be learned? What knowledge, skills, and attitudes are necessary for practicing leadership?
  • How do followers contribute to the leadership process?
  • Does effective leadership cope with or instigate change?
  • Is leadership an ethical or moral practice? How is leadership tied to group values and norms?
  • How have scholarly communities conceptualized leadership and how useful are these ideas and perspectives for our day-to-day lives?
DLS Students


These are just some of the questions examined in the Academic Distinction in Leadership Studies Program.

The program is open to all students, regardless of major. Indeed, the program enhances any major and supports any career trajectory. Everyone will encounter leadership—so everyone can benefit from studying and practicing it. For a window into the role leadership plays in all disciplines and areas of interest, view the Distinguished Scholars book, which profiles recent DLS graduates


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