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Does the DLS program require an application?

The Distinction Program does not require a formal application, but you will commit your time, thoughts, and energy to the study and practice of leadership by enrolling in LS 200 and completing the program requirements. All students are welcome and encouraged to participate. Talk with your advisor or someone in the Hess Center to help you decide if the DLS program is right for you.

Can I complete the DLS program at the same time that I participate in the Harrison Honors program, study abroad, or engage in service learning?

Yes. Leadership Studies graduates frequently participate in the Harrison Honors program, practice leadership through service-learning, and enjoy study abroad opportunities. In fact, such experiences enrich your study of leadership. Some DLS courses are also honors courses, and DLS students can contract study abroad classes for leadership credit.

Is the Distinction in Leadership Studies program the same as a minor?

The DLS program is not a minor. It’s a distinction! You should pursue courses and programs that suit your interests and aspirations—so a minor is often appropriate and can be a positive supplement to your major. However, the DLS program is more than a minor in that it provides a sequence of courses from across multiple disciplines that address issues of leadership and service. The DLS program looks different to graduate schools and employers than a minor since it addresses an issue that all groups and organizations face, regardless of their particular purpose. Besides, the DLS program requirements can overlap with your major (minors cannot), or be used to fulfill the self-directed teaching and learning requirement of the Explorations Curriculum (minors can, too).

I was unable to enroll in LS 200 in my sophomore year; can I take LS 200 and begin the DLS program in my junior year?

Yes, of course. If you are taking LS 200 during your junior year, try to complete it during the fall semester so that you can enroll in LS 300 and complete the other requirements in a timely manner.

What if I graduate early—will I still be able to complete the DLS program?

Yes. As long as you fulfill the requirements for the program, you will graduate with the Distinction.

How will I be distinguished as a graduate of the DLS program?

You’ll be a perceptive practitioner and theorist about leadership. Participation in the DLS program will also appear on your transcript, you’ll receive a certificate, and you will wear a blue cord during commencement ceremonies.

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