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HESS Center

Mission and Program Overview

In support of the College’s overall mission, the Hess Center for Leadership and Service encourages individuals to realize their full leadership potential so that they can contribute to the communities that matter to them.  Guided by the assumption that anyone can lead, Hess Center programming enables participants to understand, analyze and practice leadership. The essential question posed by the Hess Center is: how do we enact and cultivate effective leadership?

The Hess Center achieves this mission through programming for students, faculty, staff, and the larger community.

  1. The Academic Distinction in Leadership Studies Program
  2. Hess Fellows Advocacy Internships
  3. Leadership Matters Lecture Series
  4. The First-Year Student Leadership Challenge
  5. Compass Student Publication
  6.  Faculty & Staff Leadership Development and Learning Groups
  7. Faculty Scholarship Support in Leadership Studies

Hess Center for Leadership and Service