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March 6-26
Cooper Spivey
Mirror and Light:
e Revelation of Cooper Spivey
: Friday, March 6 | 6:00-8:00 p.m.
“Artists are magical
helpers,” Joseph Campbell
wrote. “Evoking symbols
and motifs that connect us
to our deeper selves, they
help us along the heroic
journey of our lives.” That
was Cooper Spivey, our
colleague, friend, and
mentor. Bud, as he was
known to his family of relatives, friends, and students, passed away last
summer after a protracted illness. Gentleness and intelligence carried him
forward in those last months; they were his example to us. They would be
his last lesson as our teacher and mentor. As tribute, Birmingham-Southern
College is proud to honor him with a retrospective of his work.
Spivey served the Department of Art and Art History from 1991 through
2013. He held an MFA from Vermont College, Union Institute and
University, and an MAE from UAB. In 1996, he was awarded a Visual Arts
Fellowship by the Southern Arts Federation/National Endowment for the
Arts; in 1995, he received an Alabama State Council for the Arts Visual
Arts Fellowship. The works chosen will span two decades of his
include painting, collage, drawing, digital images, and constructions.
April 6-17
Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition
: Friday, April 10 | 6:00-8:00 p.m.
April 30-May 6
Juried Student Exhibition
Awards announced Honors Day, Thursday, April 30
BSC Art:
Deepening skills and finding new passions
Mamie Archibald has wanted to be an
artist since childhood; the talent runs in
her family and she studied at the Alabama
School for Fine Arts before college.
But Birmingham-Southern opened her
to a new passion: teaching art. It was
something she never dreamed of until
BSC Prof. Jim Neel recommended her
as a private teacher to the parent of
an aspiring young artist. Archibald was
instantly hooked.
“I had no idea that I wanted to teach until
I gave it a try,” said Archibald, a junior art
major. “ƒat was an amazing experience
for me, and it paved the way for my career in art education.”
Now she plans to attend graduate school to earn a master’s degree in art
education and possibly a master’s in fine arts, with the ultimate goal of teaching
college students. She’s getting extra practice this fall as a teaching assistant for
Prof. Steve Cole’s drawing class.
ƒat’s not her only hands-on experience, however. As one of BSC’s Vail
Fellows, Archibald will work closely with Prof. Kevin Shook this year to run
Yellowhammer Press, the Art Department’s printmaking studio.
“ƒe professors in the art department are fantastic,” she said. “ƒey are all very
skilled and knowledgeable and will always push you to be your best. ƒey are
always there to answer questions or give feedback, and they provide us amazing
opportunities like these.”
Artwork by Cooper Spivey
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