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October 3-30
Jenny K. Hager
Second Line
In conjunction with the Annual Art Students League/
Sloss Furnaces Iron Pour
: Friday, October 3 | 5:00-8:00 p.m.
Jenny Hager most often works in long-term series and
considers herself a hybrid artist—part sculptor, part
performance artist, part video artist, part printmaker, and
part stilt-walker. Her
Rust and Satin
series examines the
symbolic nature of materials, unifying and highlighting the
masculine and feminine qualities of cast iron and satin.
Another body of work,
Flight Lab
, is a series of sculptural
installations that uses video to explore the mechanical
aspects of flight as well as the dream to fly. Most recently,
Hager has been involved in a series she calls
Second Line
infusing a personal narrative with large-scale parade animals
inspired by the Chinese zodiac and New Orleans parade
Sloss Furnaces Iron Pour
Friday, October 3 | 5:00-8:00 p.m.
Outside Kennedy Art Center/Azar Studios
Watch as Sloss Furnaces’ metal arts sculptors
set up a small furnace and melt hundreds of
pounds of scrap iron. Purchase and decorate
your own 4”x 4” sand molds, then observe
as the Sloss crew fills them with molten iron.
The Herb Trotman Band will entertain during
the event.
Detail of Jenny K. Hager's artwork
Scenes from a recent iron pour
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