2013-14 Fine Arts Society Calendar - page 2

Students get hands-on training in the classroom and plenty of opportunities to display their abilities in performance and exhibition venues
on campus, in Birmingham, and around the world. They’re taught by top-notch faculty who don’t just teach what they do.
They do what they teach.
It’s a distinctive educational journey that prepares students to meet tomorrow’s challenges and to make a profound difference in the world.
To join the Fine Arts Society, please fill out the online form at
If you have questions
regarding the form, please call
(205) 226-4650
or e-mail
Join the BSC Fine Arts
Society today!
At Birmingham-Southern College, young artists are empowered
to develop their skills and nurture their talents behind the scenes
and at center stage.
On the cover: Scenes from the 2012-13 fine and performing arts season and (background image) detail of Natalie Dunham’s artwork.
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