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Department: Mathematics

Anne YustAnne Yust

Assistant Professor of Mathematics


108 Olin Center

Contact Information:

Birmingham-Southern College
Box 549032
900 Arkadelphia Rd
Birmingham, AL 35254
Office Phone: (205) 226-3024
Office Fax: (205) 226 3079
E-mail: ayust@bsc.edu

Brief Career Background:

I began a faculty position at Birmingham-Southern College in 2010, directly after completion of my PhD.

Educational Background:

2010 PhD in Mathematics, Carnegie Mellon University
2005 BS in Mathematics, Bridgewater College

Areas of Academic Interest:

  • Mathematical Biology
  • Control Theory
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Mathematical Applications

Courses Taught:

MA 232 Calculus II (1)
A course in calculus emphasizing graphical, numerical, analytical, and descriptive points of view. Topics include definite integrals, approximation techniques, indefinite integrals, elementary differential equations, modeling, Taylor polynomials, and infinite series. Prerequisite: MA 231 or placement. Fall, Spring.

MA 317 Linear Algebra (1)
Systems of equations, matrices, determinants, eigenvalues, matrix factorizations, vector spaces, linear transformations, and applications. Prerequisite: MA 232. Fall.