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Department: Business

J. L. "Bert" Morrow, Jr.No Photo Available

Associate Professor of Business Administration


214 Harbert

Contact Information:

Box 549023
Birmingham-Southern College
900 Arkadelphia Rd
Birmingham, AL 35254
Office Phone: (205) 226-4827
Office Fax: (205) 226-3080

Brief Career Background:

Prior to joining the faculty at Birmingham-Southern, Professor Morrow was a member of the faculty at Mississippi State University and Samford University. Prior to beginning his academic career, Dr. Morrow gained extensive managerial experience with a regional real estate development firm.

Educational Background:

Ph.D. Texas A&M University, 1996
M.Acc. The University of Alabama, 1990
B.S. The University of Alabama, 1981

Areas of Academic Interest:

My research focuses on the relationship between socially complex resources (e.g. trust, knowledge, culture, decision-making processes) and competitive advantage. I am particularly interested in how these resources vary across cultures and how they affect the performance of strategic alliances, the management of technological innovations and organizations facing the need for strategic change.

Courses Taught:

BA 311 Quantitative Analysis for Business and Economics (1)
Selected methods and techniques related to managerial choice and administrative decision making (same course as EC 311). Prerequisites: MA 207 and BA 201.

BA 320 Management Principles and Organizational Behavior (1)
A study of the nature and problems of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling organizations. Prerequisite: BA 201.

BA 499 Strategic Management (1)
An integration of several business functions, such as accounting, finance, production, marketing, and management, in developing and stimulating the student's skill at the formulation of overall management strategy and policy. Prerequisites: senior standing as a major in business administration, including completion of 28 regular term units and two of the following courses: BA 400, BA 474, BA 475; plus completion of the following principles courses: BA 201, BA 320, BA 350, BA 372

EC 201 Principles of Economics I (1)
A general introduction to economics with emphasis on macroecononomic aspects: national income determination, monetary and fiscal policy. Fall, Spring.

EC 202 Principles of Economics II (1)
A general introduction to economics with emphasis on microeconomic aspects: the economic principles underlying price, production, distribution of income, and related problems. Fall, Spring.

EC 303 Money and Banking (1)
A study of the financial intermediary and payments system of the United States; operations, supervision and history of commercial banks; the Federal Reserve System and its control of the money supply; the economy of the United States and the influence thereon of monetary policy; the international payments system; money and capital markets. Prerequisite: EC 201.

EC 308 Macroeconomics (1)
A study in depth of the aggregates of economic society: Gross National Product, national income, personal income; the balance of savings and investment; economic stability; economic growth. Prerequisites: EC 201 and 202.

MPPM 524 - Strategic Management
PPM 580 Marketing Services II

PPM 599 Special Topics Seminar on Public Sector Management