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Explorations Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions About Explorations Lectures and Arts Events

How many events do I have to attend?
Prior to graduation, you are required to attend at least 24 Explorations Lectures and Arts events held on campus, an average of 6 per year. Transfer students must attend three per each semester you attend Birmingham-Southern College.

How can I find out when and where Explorations events are offered?
BSC will host a variety of events throughout the term especially during the Tuesday and Thursday Common Hour.  You are welcome to attend as many as you like. However, for the purpose of the Explorations Lectures and Arts events requirement a special calendar has been prepared for you to select from. It is updated regularly and all of the events on this special calendar are for credit. You may access the calendar on the BSC main webpage. You may also access the calendar through the system that you use to check your attendance status, the Events Records, on the MyBSC drop down menu on the BSC main webpage. Event sponsors usually post advertising fliers around campus. Your professors will often keep you informed of the events you will need to attend for the purpose of enriching the classroom discussions or for extra credit.

How do I get credit for attending Explorations events?  
Before entering the event, pick-up and complete the attendance scan form located at the door of most on-campus events. To complete the form, you will need a pencil and your BSC ID number (last seven digits) as shown on your BSC ID Card. Other information such as the event's title and ID number will be posted. Return the attendance scan form at the conclusion of the event to the return box as you exit. If you wish to turn the form in at a later time you must get permission from a staff member on duty. If there are no forms at the event, you are required to bring a ticket, program, handout, or some other proof of attendance to the Humanities Center Building, HC 104, within 10 days of attending the event and attach it to an attendance scan form that you will fill out for credit.

What happens if I cannot arrive on time or stay until the conclusion of the event?
There may be times when you may not arrive at an event on time or be able to stay until its conclusion due to your class schedule or other important obligations. In these instances you will not get credit for attending the event. For your benefit and out of respect for others in attendance, as well as the event speaker/conductor, please plan ahead, arrive at your chosen events in plenty of time, and stay until the conclusion.

How do I check my attendance record?
The Events Records System keeps you updated on your attendance record.

  • Select the Events Records link on the MYBSC drop down menu on the BSC main webpage.
  • To access the system enter your BSC email-id and BSC email password before pressing the Submit button. For example, if your BSC email address was, then you would use jksmith as your user-id. For the purpose of securing your data please remember to select "Logout" in order to close your file and exit the system.

What if there is an error in my attendance record?
It is important that you check your status often and report any errors immediately to Brenda Bailey,, 226-7842, or HC 104.

What happens if I don’t complete the minimum required events per term?
Failure to attend required events has consequences. Your time of registration is linked to your class standing and the number of cultural events attended. The minimum required number of events is as follows:


fall registration
(for interim and spring)

spring registration
(for summer and fall)

1st Year



2nd Year



3rd Year



4th Year


21 (if necessary)

Students on foreign study receive three credits for each semester abroad. Events attended in excess of the minimum do not supersede class standing.

What if I’m just a few events shy at the end of my senior year? Will there be an exception made for me so that I can graduate on time?
No. You will not graduate on time if you do not complete this requirement.