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Exploration Term-Contract Learning

Student Projects

On-Campus Projects

Each faculty member offers an Exploration Term project in January. A majority of these courses are held on-campus and cover a diverse selection of subject areas. While a number of projects such as the pre-health career internship are offered regularly, others are one-time offerings.

Examples of projects include "Vampire Literature: From Dracula to Buffy," "Takin' It to the Streets: Social Protest and the 1960s," "The Criminal Justice System," and "Beginning Piano and Beyond."

Prior to 2012, Exploration Term was called Interim. Here are some bulletins from past years

2014 Exploration Term Bulletin
2013 Exploration Term Bulletin
2012 Exploration Term Bulletin

2011 Interim Bulletin
2010 Interim Bulletin
2009 Interim Bulletin
2008 Interim Bulletin

Individual Projects

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors at Birmingham-Southern have the option to design their own Exploration Term project. Students work with a faculty sponsor to formulate objectives and methodology and work intensely during the term to complete their projects.

Some recent examples of individually designed projects include examining Civil War battlefields in the South, studying the monarch butterfly in Mexico, and investigating the history of the Japanese kimono.

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