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Exploration Term-Contract Learning

Exploration Term and Contract Learning News!

Check out the 2014 E-Term Study Travel Brochure.
The Spring Contract Deadline Is February 18, 2014
All E-Term projects will meet at 1:00pm on Friday, January 3.
Room Assignments may be found here.
Room Assignments for January 4-31 may be found here.

The Exploration Term and Contract Learning at BSC

Exposure, Experience, Enlightenment

What does hiking through Patagonia, swimming with dolphins, working with elementary school students in Harlem, or sailing a classic tall ship through the Caribbean have to do with college? If you ask this question in January, the answer is . . . plenty.

Birmingham-Southern College offers a mini-term between the fall and spring academic semesters. This four-week January term, known as the "Exploration Term," extends the classroom by giving students time away from traditional academics and activities and allowing them to engage in creative opportunities both on- and off-campus.Interim at sea

Exploration Term

BSC's Exploration Term program allows students to explore one topic or interest for the month of January. The focus of this intensive period is experiential learning, with the intention of enhancing the liberal arts education through hands-on practical experience and in-depth, personal knowledge. Students may choose from on- and off-campus projects, independent study or research, group and individual study-travel experiences, and challenging internships. Off-campus opportunities include service learning projects, which give students the opportunity to work with others in local, national, or international communities.

Specialized Exploration Term courses across BSC's academic departments are offered on campus each year. Under the Explorations curriculum, students must complete a minimum of two January Exploration Term projects.Interim in France

As a complement to Exploration Term courses, the faculty and staff sponsor numerous extracurricular activities during the Exploration Term in order to foster an atmosphere of exploration and learning on campus.

Contract Learning

Students who are interested in participating in an independent study or an internship for academic credit during the Exploration Term must complete a contract under the supervision of a BSC faculty member. BSC students have done all sorts of individualized projects, ranging from photographing the American West to investigating jazz music in New Orleans to compiling an oral history of the homeless.

Students usually contract projects during January, but contract-learning opportunities are available throughout the academic year.