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If you are interested in participating in independent study or an internship for academic credit, you should consider completing a contract under the supervision of a faculty member. Students have done all sorts of independent projects, including climbing a mountain, investigating jazz music in Birmingham, and compiling an oral history of the homeless. If you will be going off campus to complete any part of your contract, you are required to sign a release form. Click on release forms to determine the one that you need. Contracts can be completed any term during the academic year with appropriate faculty approval.

To complete a contract:

  • Click on the link below. Your browser will offer the option to open or save the file - Choose "Open the file from its current location" and click "OK".
  • The file will open in Microsoft Word
  • Simply type your entries on the form as you would in any Word document.
  • Once you are finished, choose "File/Print" in your browser's menu bar to print the form.
  • Choose "File/Save As" to save a copy of the form for your records
  • Once you are finished, close the window to return to the Contract Learning Center Web page.

Submit the completed contract (with all appropriate signatures) to the Contract Learning Office, Norton 262.

2015-2016 Contract deadlines are as follows:

Fall Term 2014: Sept 10, 2014
Exploration Term 2015: October 17, 2014
Spring Term 2015: February 10, 2015
Summer Term 2015: May 15, 2015

Examples of actual student contracts are available through the following links:

A step by step Guide for Creating Contracts is available here.

Contact the Contract Learning Office if you have any questions

Dr. Katy E. Leonard
Office of Exploration Term and Contract Learning
Birmingham Southern College
900 Arkadelphia Road
Birmingham, AL 35254
(205) 226-4647
E-mail: or