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Exploration Term-Contract Learning

Travel Policy

Modern students have the ability and the freedom to modify their individual senses of the world and of themselves on the basis of new evidence. They are able, and must be willing, to change their own frames of reference in order to see things from the point of view of others. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, study-travel is an important mode of experiential learning, providing broad and diverse contexts for intellectual and personal growth. As such, Birmingham-Southern encourages students to integrate a study-travel experience into their academic career by providing the opportunity to study off-campus either independently or through a study-travel project led by a faculty member.Tower Bridge

Since study-travel is in effect an extension of the physical campus, students studying off-campus are required to conform to BSC's academic and social regulations and policies just as if they were in the classroom or on the campus. Students who wish to participate in an Exploration Term study-travel project should be in good academic and social standing. BSC requires all students to conform to both US and local laws of the host country when traveling abroad, including those pertaining to the use of alcohol, controlled substances, prescription medication and public behavior.

Students are expected to follow the directions of the faculty. Faculty leading study-travel projects may establish additional policies of academic and social conduct to which students consent when they register for the project. Failure to comply with either BSC's general policies or the policies established by the faculty leading the project can result in disciplinary action and/or a failing grade for the project. In extreme circumstances—should the student endanger himself or others, or threaten the integrity of the project—and at the discretion of the project's faculty leader, the student may be sent home at his or her own expense.

All Students who wish to participate in Study-Travel, whether through a faculty-led project or through an independent study contract, must complete a “Statement of Interest in Exploration Term Travel” (SIT) form, and several forms they will receive after submitting the SIT. These forms are available from the faculty leaders of each trip, or from the Office of Exploration Term and Contract Learning. These forms are a prerequisite for any study-travel program as well as for submitting a contract for independent study-travel.

Deposits and fees must be paid in a timely manner. Study-travel projects led by faculty require a deposit early in Fall semester (check with your faculty leader). The payment schedule for your travel project will be outlined in the Financial Agreement, which you will receive once you have been cleared for travel.The Irish Cliffs

If an insufficient number of students express interest in any study-travel project, the College will cancel it before October 1, 2011. Students who elect to withdraw from a study-travel project are not guaranteed a refund of any monies submitted toward the project.

In order to participate in study-travel, students must:

  1. submit a Statement of Interest in Travel form to the faculty leader.
  2. be in good academic and social standing at the College.
  3. submit the initial deposit, Financial Agreement, and release form by the deadline set by your faculty leader and indicated in your Financial Agreement. .

If accepted to participate, students must:

  1. make deposit and payments according to the project's payment schedule.
  2. Submit the medical information forms, passport evidence, and any other required forms (check with faculty leader) no later than the date set by the faculty leader.
  3. register for the study-travel project at registration, or submit an independent study contract.
  4. sign the College's standard release form applicable to the travel under consideration.
  5. obtain BSC's supplemental travel insurance as discussed below.

Failure to comply with these requirements will result in a student being rejected for or removed from the project, regardless of whether he or she has paid a deposit or registered for the project.

Any student who wishes to study off-campus for Exploration Term 2013 must complete the Financial Agreement, and the required release form, and submit these (along with a deposit, if a deposit has not already been made) to the study-travel faculty by the date set by the faculty leader. Students traveling independently must complete the travel forms and submit the release form with the completed contract by October 19, 2012. Students studying outside the United States during Exploration Term must carry BSC's supplemental travel insurance, which will be billed directly through student accounts. The cost is approximately $15 per week of travel.