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Exploration Term-Contract Learning

Requirements for Off-Campus Study and Travel

Any student traveling off-campus during Exploration Term, whether for a BSC study-travel project, an independent study project, or an internship, must complete and sign a release form. For students under 19 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign the release. Release forms are available online.Laura Chaires, Hot and Cold on the Equator, Quito, Ecuador

Students participating in faculty-led study-travel projects should return the release form to the project sponsor along with the Payment Deadlines and Billing Acceptance form; payments will not be accepted unless accompanied by a signed release. Those contracting a course off-campus should submit the release form to the Office of Exploration Term and Contract Learning (Norton 262) no later than Friday, October 19, 2012.

Students traveling internationally will be required to read the State Department's Consular Information Sheets and Travel Advisories at Students are required to purchase BSC's travel insurance plan (approximately $15 per week of travel), which will be automatically billed to each student. Students should be aware that, given the international safety and health concerns, there is always the possibility that certain study-travel projects will be canceled or postponed.