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Coffee and the Morning Paper: Reading the News from Latin America
Barbara Domcekova
Prerequisites: SN 270 or above
Open To: All Students
Grading Systems: Option
Max Enrollment: 15
Meeting Time: M Tu W Th 9:30am-12:00pm
What is the recent news coming from Argentina? How do Argentines perceive what is going on in Latin America?
How do they view politics in the United States? This project is designed for Spanish students interested in
advancing their proficiency in Spanish through intensive practice of all four languages skills while keeping up with
the news. We will focus on reading Clarín, the largest newspaper in Argentina, as well as La Nación and
Página/12. We will work with articles from different sections of the newspapers, including
Política, Mundo, Sociedad,
Deportes, Espectáculos
In class we will read select articles, clarify the vocabulary and grammar structures, and
analyze and comment on the content. At home, students will work with
a website in Spanish that provides both news articles and short videos and will prepare a brief presentation or essay
for next day class. The evaluation will be based on class participation, weekly vocabulary quizzes, and daily
presentations and essays.
Senior Project in Spanish
Barbara Domcekova, Janie Spencer
Spanish Major
Open To:
Grading System:
Max. Enrollment:
Meeting Time:
In this project, students will focus on a special topic in Spanish/Latin American culture and/or literature beyond the
scope of the regularly offered courses. They will expand on previous knowledge, research new material, and
ultimately demonstrate significant intellectual maturity. Students will write a paper of at least 20 pages in Spanish,
and they will share the final product of their research in a public presentation. Students will meet by arrangements
regularly with Dr. Domcekova or Dr. Spencer.
Spanish Study Abroad
Kim Lewis
SN 201 or above
Open To:
Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors
Grading System:
Max. Enrollment:
Meeting Time:
This project provides an immersion experience in Spanish. Students will live with a Hispanic family in Spain or Latin
America and take daily classes in conversation, grammar, and culture. The experience offers excellent preparation
for further study of Spanish. Students will be evaluated by the language instructors of the school where they choose
to study.
NOTE: Because this is an independent study project, details must be arranged well in advance. Price varies
depending on the program chosen. Previously, students have chosen programs in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela,