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Einstein, as you may have heard, was a pretty clever guy.
James W. York, Jr.
You have probably heard about Einstein’s theories of relativity and wondered what they’re all about. You may have
heard that they have something to do with moving at really fast speeds, falling into black holes, designing nuclear
weapons, and really cool effects in science fiction. What you probably don’t know is that understanding many of the
amazing consequences of Einstein’s theory requires only a proficiency in algebra and geometry! Starting from the
realization that space and time are not absolute, but rather aspects of a four-dimensional “spacetime”, we will
investigate the consequences of motion at very high speeds and the apparent paradoxes that result. We will also
discuss gravity and the curvature of spacetime, black holes, and beyond. Grading will be based on active
participation, daily homework assignments, and weekly quizzes.
Political Science
Internship in Politics and Government
Bob Slagter, Natalie Davis, Vincent Gawronski, Mary-Kate Lizotte
Minimum GPA and Consent
Open To:
Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors
Grading System:
Max. Enrollment:
Meeting Time:
M Tu W Th F 9:00am-5:00pm
This project is designed for students who wish to work in political or governmental or non-governmental settings at
the national, state or local level during the Exploration Term. Students must meet with a sponsoring professor to
discuss their internship plans and establish the specific requirements for successful completion of their particular
project. Students must be aware that no one is guaranteed an internship position. Internship positions are limited
and students are primarily responsible for finding a position. Satisfactory completion of the internship includes these
meeting with the faculty sponsor(s) as necessary during fall term; 2) contacting the faculty sponsor or her/his
designee once a week during Exploration Term to discuss details of the experience; 3) writing a report on a relevant
book, chosen in consultation with the faculty sponsor; 4) keeping a daily journal of activities, observations, and
reflections during the internship; 5) adequately completing the duties assigned by the on-site supervisor; and 6)
obtaining a letter from the on-site supervisor, detailing tasks completed and overall performance.
Pre-Law Internship
Natalie Davis
Minimum 3.3 GPA or Consent
Open To:
Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors
Grading System:
Max. Enrollment:
6 (
May be limited by availability of participating attorneys)
Meeting Time:
M Tu W Th F 9:00am-5:00pm
The law office internship will provide the pre-law student with an opportunity to observe and participate in the work
of a law firm in the Birmingham area; under special circumstances, internships in areas other than Birmingham can
be approved. It is intended for students who have had no more than minimal prior experience working in a law firm
and want to learn more about the practice of law before making a decision to attend law school. In addition to
working in a law firm, students are required to write one essay on the practice of law and submit a journal of their
experiences. A minimum of 30 hours per week is expected of the students’ time. Evaluation will be based upon the
essay, journal, and assessment by the instructor and members of the sponsoring law firm.
Southeast Asia: History, Culture, Politics and Development