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The “Holocaust” in European Cinema
Matthew Levey
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All Students
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Meeting Time:
Weeks 1 and 2: we will meet for the first six days of the term to view films (in the mornings)
and discuss them (the afternoon they view a film); we will then shift to a student-research
program, which will involve one formal class meeting during weeks 2-4 to allow students to
present the state of their research to me and the rest of the class and in preparation for
which students will be doing a variety of research-related assignments (I will also provide
opportunities for students to meet with me individually to discuss and work on their projects);
at the end of week 4 I will require students to present the results of their research in a formal
conference” setting.
In this course, we will view, discuss, and write about selected films concerning the Holocaust from France, Germany
East, West and reunified), Poland (Communist and post-Communist), and the Soviet Union and Post Soviet
Russia. We will explore some of the many issues related to self-representation and national memory as related to
the mass murder of Jews in these different countries. The purpose in terms of the content of the project is to
compare and contrast the ways in which the mass murder of Jews has been portrayed in films from the Communist
East and the non-Communist “West” and how, with the “fall of Communism,” depictions of this have changed, both
in the East and in the West. In terms of procedure, the purpose is to encourage the development of research,
analytical and writing skills.
The class will meet regularly during the first two weeks, to view and discuss films and to begin their research
projects; students will spend the remaining time researching and writing a 15-page paper, analyzing a selected
number of films in depth, either from one of the countries listed above or a comparing films from at least two of
them. Students will also be asked to make short presentations about their work in the final week of the term.
Estimated Student Fees: $30 for book
Russian Revolutionary Terrorism
Randy Law
Open To:
All Students
Grading System:
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Meeting Time:
M W F 9:00-11:00am
In this project, students will explore the intellectual, social, political, and cultural roots of Russian revolutionary
terrorism in the 18
and 19
centuries; the heroic terrorism and targeted assassination of the 1870s and ’80s; the
anarchic, mass-casualty events of the early 20
century; and the legacy of Russian revolutionary terrorism into the
Soviet period and beyond. For sources, we will use memoirs, novels, poetry, films, and an array of secondary
sources. The final grade will be based on discussion participation and two short papers.
Estimated Student Fees: $75 for books
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