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Independent StudyContracts
Sophomores, juniors, and seniors who wish to engage in independent study for Exploration Termmay do so through an independent study contract.
Any student wishing to pursue independent study should formulate a contract, working in close consultation with a faculty sponsor. Once the
contract is approved by the project sponsor, the student’s advisor, and the department chair, the student submits the contract to the Office of
Exploration Term and Contract Learning. After contracts are reviewed, the Exploration Term and Contract Learning Committee notifies the student
of any changes required for the contract to receive approval and be registered. If the contract is not approved, the student should register for an
Exploration Term project published in the Bulletin.
Independent study contracts should meet the academic standards of all Exploration Term projects. The student is expected to engage in 120 hours of
focused academic activity and to meet the terms of the study contract: follow the project’s methodology as stated in the study contract, attend all
required meetings with the faculty sponsor, and submit the final academic product as indicated in the contract.
Contracts for independent study and internships are due to the Office of Exploration Term and Contract Learning by Friday,
October 18, 2013.
The contract formmay be found online at
All contracts that include
activities off campus require a release form as well. These may be obtained at the OECL (Norton 262) or at
con/release.cfm. Students engaged in contracts for Exploration Term 2014 will be registered automatically by the Office of Exploration Term and
Contract Learning; students pursuing Exploration Term contracts do not register onTheSIS nor do they need to attend an orientation meeting on
November 14. Examples of completed individualized study contracts may be reviewed at the contract website given above.
Note: Students who wish to complete internships that fall under the purview of established faculty-directed projects [e.g., Internship in Collaborative
Teaching, Pre-Health, or Pre-Law] should simply register for the project and should not complete an independent study contract.
Senior ExplorationTermProjects
Many academic disciplines require students to complete a Senior Exploration Term Project in their major. This project is usually carried out in the senior
year, but occasionally students are given permission to complete the senior project in their junior year. To fulfill this requirement, a student may either
register for an Exploration Term senior project offered in her or his major or contract an independent project with a faculty member in that major.
Requirements for Off-CampusStudyandTravel
Any student traveling off campus during Exploration Term, whether for a BSC study-travel project, an independent study project, or an internship,
must complete and sign a release form. For students under 19 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign the release. Release forms are located on
the Exploration Term/Contract Learning section of the BSC website under “Release Forms” (
Students participating in faculty-led study-travel projects should return the financial agreement and release form to the project sponsor by the date
set by the faculty leader; payments will not be accepted unless accompanied by a signed financial agreement and release form. Those contracting
a course off campus should submit the release form to the Office of Exploration Term and Contract Learning (Norton 262) no later than Friday, October
18, 2013.
Students traveling internationally will be required to read the State Department’s Consular Information Sheets and Travel Advisories at
/. Students are required to purchase BSC’s travel health insurance plan (approximately $15.00 per week of travel), which will be
automatically billed to each student. Students should be aware that, given the international safety and health concerns, there is always the possibility
that certain study-travel projects may be canceled or postponed.
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