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Research on an Advanced Topic in Psychology
Richard V. Rector
PY 304 and Instructor Consent
Open To:
PY Majors
Grading System:
Max. Enrollment:
Meeting Times:
Tu WTh 10:00am-12:00pm; additional meeting
times will be added as needed.
In this class students will explore an advanced topic in psychology. Possible
topics include: effects of imagery and visualization on performance,
relaxation and energizing techniques for regulation of arousal, concentration
and attention and strategies for controlling it, etc. Throughout the course
students will learn how to (1) choose an appropriate topic to review, (2) read
journal articles effectively, (3) conduct a review of literature in a specific
area, and (4) write a paper that demonstrates a mastery of this topic. The
final product of this course will be a full research proposal paper (intro and
method).   At least one presentation of your research will be held in front
of the class. The course grade will reflect the quality of this paper as well as
attendance and participation at class meetings. It is highly recommended that
psychology majors who have taken PY 304 and who plan to take PY 417 in
the spring term take this Exploration Term class. The general purpose of this
project is to learn how to research and review a specific, advanced topic in
psychology. The specific objectives of this course are to learn how to read a
psychology journal article effectively, choose a specific area of psychology to
review, conduct a review of literature in that specific area of psychology, and
write that information up into an APA style paper.
Prisons and Death Penalty
Guy Dalto
No outstanding warrants
Open To:
All Students
Grading System: Option
Max. Enrollment: 10 students
Meeting Times: M Tu WTh 10:00am-12:00pm, except when trips
to prisons occur.
The project will explore imprisonment and the death penalty from a
sociological point of view. Students will view videos about the history of
the death penalty, read material on contemporary issues, and visit juvenile
detention centers, jails, and prisons subject to availability. The issue of the
death penalty will be an important focus. Attendance and participation are
critical parts of the experience. Students will be expected to maintain a
journal. Students must sign a travel permission form.
Pre-Law Internship
Natalie Davis
Minimum 3.3 GPA or Instructor Consent
Open To:
Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors
Grading System:
Max. Enrollment: 10
Meeting Times: M Tu WTh F, 9:00am-5:00pm
The pre-law internship provides the pre-law student with an opportunity to
observe and participate in the work of a law firm in the Birmingham area;
under special circumstances, internships in areas other than Birmingham
can be approved. It is intended for students who have had no more than
minimal prior experience working in a law firm and want to learn more about
the practice of law before making a decision to attend law school. In addition
to working in a law firm, students are required to write one essay on the
practice of law and submit a journal of their experiences. A minimum of 30
hours per week is expected of the student‘s time. Evaluation will be based
upon the essay, journal, and assessment by the instructor and members of
the sponsoring law firm.
NOTE: Students must meet with Mr. John Wrinkle on or before October 15th
in order to begin the process of identifying an appropriate placement.
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