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internship supervised by a health care professional. Students planning a
career in health care should participate in this project during their sophomore
or junior year. A limited number of established internships are available at
hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities in the Birmingham area. In
addition, anyone planning to intern with a private health care professional
whom he or she has contacted should register for this project.
Students will read two books concerning medicine and health care, reflect on
their readings and experiences during the internship, and write an essay of
five to seven pages. Students are also required to maintain a daily journal. A
satisfactory essay AND a satisfactory evaluation from the student’s on-site
supervisor are required for successful completion of the project.
NOTE: Students must attend an orientation meeting during the Fall Term
(date to be announced). Attendance is mandatory for all students planning
to participate in the internship. Documentation concerning their general
health and immunization records must be submitted by Friday, October 25,
2013. The estimated cost for reading materials is $25. Additional cost may
be involved if the preceptor requires a drug test and/or criminal background
check. A lab coat may be required. This Exploration Term project may be
repeated for credit, but the location cannot be the same as in the previous
internship, and additional work is required.
Service Learning in Ghana
Amelia Spencer, Kristin Harper
Instructor Consent
Open To:
All Students
Grading System: S/U
Max. Enrollment: 28
Meeting Times:
See listing under Education.
Sports Journalism
Jeremy Burgess
Open To:
All Students
Grading System:
Max. Enrollment: 15
Meeting Time:
M Tu WTh6:00-9:00pm
Sports journalists are more than just sports fans with smart phones and
word processors; they‘re responsible for enhancing the spectator experience
through in-depth coverage of any and every sporting event. This course
will teach students a basic approach to the world of sports journalism
through the instruction and practice of four styles of writing: field coverage,
interviews, features, and opinion pieces. The class will be enhanced by a
host of engaging outside readings from popular sports writers, a number of
guest lecturers (in particular, seasoned sports journalists and anchors in the
Birmingham area), and interactive homework assignments (such as covering
Birmingham-Southern sporting events and experiencing a simulated press
conference). The goal of this course is to help students improve their writing
and reporting skills in order to accomplish the main goal of any respectable
sports journalist: providing insight that cannot be gleaned simply by watching
a sporting event. Evaluation will be based on one-page response papers to
outside readings and guest lecturers as well as a four-page feature, a three-
page interview, a two-page opinion piece, and a two-page event report.
The Politics of Sex
Mary-Kate Lizotte
Open To:
All Students
Grading System: Option
Max. Enrollment: 25
Meeting Times: Tu WTh 10:30am-1:30pm
This course will focus on the history of politics and public policy regarding
sex, such as public policy on prostitution, adultery, and sodomy. We will also
read about and discuss political scandals involving sex. Our exploration will
involve reading and discussing political science, historical, and news media
materials. We will have lively, but respectful, debates about the proper role
of government with respect to the bedroom. In addition to being graded on
participation in class discussions of assigned materials, students will write
two short papers on the readings. Lastly, students will complete a final
project on a related topic of their choice.
Poverty in America
Stephen Black
Open To:
All Students
Grading System: Letter
Max. Enrollment: 20
Meeting Times: TBD Students will meet in on campus 2-3 times per week
for a few hours and volunteer in the community for 2-3
days per week.
The course examines policies and attitudes toward low-income families
through readings, class discussions, lectures, and work in the community.
Particular focus will be given to perceptions and misperceptions about those
living in poverty, and students will participate in two related community
programs that address specific needs faced by low-income families: SaveFirst
and FocusFirst. SaveFirst trains students to provide free tax preparation
services and financial literacy information for low-income individuals.
Training will consist of both explanatory sessions and interactive exercises
after which students must take an IRS certification test before serving at tax
preparation sites. In addition, students will work with FocusFirst to provide
vision screenings for children ages six months to five years, in Head Start and
lower-income daycare programs and coordinating appropriate examination,
diagnosis, and treatment for children with impaired vision.
Evaluation will be based on attendance, active participation in class
discussions and in the community service programs, and a reflective 5-7
page paper.
Pre-Health Internship
Wayne Shew
Instructor Consent for First-year Students
Open To:
Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors
Grading System: S/U
Max. Enrollment: 90
Meeting Times: TBD
This project allows students to experience one of the health professions fields
(medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, etc.) through a 120-contact-hour
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