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Business Internships
Paul Cleveland
Open To:
Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors
Grading System: S/U
Max. Enrollment: 30
Meeting Times: TBD
Students will identify and secure an internship with a business (profit or
non-profit). Students are expected to devote approximately 120 hours
to the internship over Exploration Term. Students will complete a guided
journal outlining his or her internship experiences. Students are encouraged
to see the instructor well in advance of registration to identify internship
opportunities. All internship placements must be approved in advance by the
Failure and Creativity
Brad Spencer
Open To:
All Students
Grading System: Letter
Max. Enrollment: 15
Meeting Times: TBD
To start anything new, one needs creativity, enthusiasm, and courage.
It helps to have failed before, but it’s not mandatory. This class will teach
the principles of planning, starting, and delivering a successful initiative.
We will address recovering from nonfatal failure. The instructors are local
entrepreneurs who have done the start-try-fail-succeed dance before. The
emphasis in this class is not “maximizing profit.” That might be a particular
student’s goal, but this class will be more broadly focused. The class will be
interactive and will require classroommeetings, discussions, and in-state
trips to meet with successful for-profit and nonprofit entrepreneurs. Each
student will complete an individual research project and will present it to the
class. Grades will be based on relative engagement and application of the
content to the project. Life is about relationships; let’s build them.
Estimated Student Fees: $100 for transportation and food
Forensic Accounting
George Klersey
See Listing Under Accounting
Moving Up the Food Chain: Vertical Integration in European Agri-Business
Firms – Senior Project
Bert Morrow
Prerequisites: Instructor Consent; Student must have completed at
least 28 regular term units, including BA 400 and either
BA 474 or 475
Open To:
Senior BA Majors
Grading System: Letter
Max. Enrollment: 12
Meeting Times: TBD
Students will visit the Czech Republic and Italy to study agri-business firms
engaged in food production. Particular emphasis will be given to the issues of
vertical integration and the extent to which technological innovations have
been adopted in a firm’s value chain. We will also explore how these firms
acquire inputs, access distribution channels, and manage their labor and
product markets.
Estimated Student Fees: $4900
Senior Capstone in Business
Carolyn Garrity, Mary Harrison, Bob Jacobus, Rick Lester
Instructor Consent; Student must have completed at
least 28 regular term units, including BA 400
and either BA 474 or 475
Open To:
Senior BAmajors
Grading System: Letter
Max. Enrollment: 60
Meeting Times: TBD
This course is designed for students who aspire to become entrepreneurs
and for students who aspire to work with entrepreneurs (for example,
accountants, consultants, lawyers). The course will emphasize the
entrepreneurial process, which includes evaluating entrepreneurial
opportunities, launching the new venture and managing the new business.
Successful entrepreneurs must have a solid understanding of the financial
side (accounting and finance) of running a business, so there will be a special
focus on this topic. The goals of this course will be accomplished by pitching
a new business idea, writing a business plan, running the business for two
weeks, and then presenting the plan and experience to a group of faculty and
executives. Each student group will receive seed money after the successful
completion of their business plan proposal.
Estimated Student Fees: $275
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