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Urban Environmental Studies

Greening of the Student Parking Lot
(Pervious Pavement)


On-which-side-will-water-run-off-into-local-streamStormwater runoff from parking lots, roads, and roofs pollutes natural wetlands. When a reconfiguration of the student parking lot between the baseball and soccer fields was implemented in 2009, several features were added to capture stormwater, filter pollutants, and allow rainfall to percolate into the groundwater. A bio-swale behind the leftfield fence of the Striplin baseball field now collects some stormwater, while a gravel French drain captures runoff in a different area. Green space with vegetation was added in the form of new medians and dividers and also improved safety in the parking lot. Most notably, pervious pavement was used in a portion of a new parking area. This pavement duplicates the functional features of traditional asphalt pavement but allows rain to percolate into the soil. Collectively, this remodeling of the parking lot has helped reduce the College's stormwater footprint, which helps reduce erosion, flooding, and pollution of local creeks and rivers, and helps replenish groundwater. In this case, the benefits slip through the cracks.


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