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BSC Ecoscape: One of Many Recycled Urban Parks



EcoScapes are contoured to reduce storm water runoff, and two of them (Seven Springs & Turkey Creek) are specifically designed to protect endangered darter fish populations. BSC's EcoScape has the additional distinction of having been designed to resemble a miniature Alabama, allowing visitors to stroll from the Mobile Basin to the Appalachian Trail. With start up funding from BSC's Student Government Association, SEC in 1996 began transforming a campus "brownfield" into a botanical/art garden that has since been featured in national publications like Southern Living and Sculpture. Visitors can stroll through a Northern Wildflower Garden, touch and sample edible plants and flowers, and pass by huge Praying Mantis and Whooping Crane sculptures on the way to the EcoScape's Wetland and Tree Trails.


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