Fall 2014 EH Course Descriptions - page 1

EH 102: Seminar in Critical Thinking and Writing
Various professors and times.
A seminar on college-level writing and critical inquiry. The course emphasizes clear and
engaging prose, persuasive reasoning, various rhetorical strategies, research documentation, and
standard English grammar and mechanics.
EH 200: Introduction to Literature (IA)
Sprayberry, TTH 9:30-10:50
I delight in re-introducing students to the basics of literature and to the genres of short fiction,
drama, and poetry. If you’re not an English major by the time you take this course, you may
want to become an English major by the time you complete the course.
This course is, all in all, great fun—especially if you commit to participate in prepared and lively
discussion (and, yes, I’ve taught very lively and engaged EH 200 classes at 8:00 a.m.—just drink
some coffee or red bull in advance). The course balances close textual analysis with new
approaches to literature.
If you want to gain a solid grounding in the three literary genres and also learn the basics of
contemporary critical trends of reading literature, and if you want to develop or sustain a love for
literature, this is the course for you.
EH 204: Writing for the Media
Brock, WF 9:30-10:50
A survey of writing styles and techniques appropriate for news writing, public affairs reporting,
and feature articles for print, broadcast, and Internet media.
EH 205-A: Introduction to Creative Writing (CE)
Ullrich, TTH 2:00-3:20
Beginning work in creative writing in several genres, including fiction, poetry and either drama
or creative nonfiction. Using a combination of in-class exercises, readings, and workshops, the
course introduces students to the fundamentals of creating, reading, and evaluating short pieces
of creative writing.
EH 205-B: Introduction to Creative Writing (CE)
Stitt, TTH 12:30-1:50
An overview of the craft of creative writing, including short fiction, poetry, and drama, but with
a primary emphasis on fiction and poetry. The class will involve workshops, writing exercises,
examination of the formal and technical aspects of creative writing, and analysis of existing
works primarily from the perspective of the writer rather than the reader.
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