EH Course Descriptions ETerm 2014 - page 3

Jane Austen: The Novels and the Films
John Tatter
The novels of Jane Austen have continued to be popular two centuries after she wrote them and
in a world she would hardly recognize. Part of their attraction is the love story, of course. But
part is the way in which her characters and their situations seem to transcend time, space, and
culture. The films based on these novels are the best indication of how adaptable Austen can be,
for they reflect their own time as much as they reflect hers. We will look at Northanger Abbey
and Pride and Prejudice together in depth, and subgroups will work individually on other novels
and films: Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Persuasion.
Ceramics for Beginners: Introduction to Throwing Pottery on the Wheel
Emily Klein
“My thoughts are whirled like a potter's wheel; I know not where I am nor what I do.”
–William Shakespeare, Henry VI
Come spin your thoughts this e-term and try something completely different. Throwing pottery
on the wheel can be both meditative and frustrating, challenging and addictive. This course is
intended for first-time potters who are ready to dedicate themselves to four intensive weeks of
clay work. Our course will involve some background reading and research, gallery and studio
visits, demos by local artists and most of all, a lot of time spent throwing pots at Red Dot Gallery
in Homewood. Students will learn the basics of clay preparation and throwing, as well as
techniques for trimming and glazing. Course fees cover clay, glazes, and firing. Grades will be
based on attendance, participation, notebook entries, and a final project that will include written
reflection work and a collection of fired ceramic pieces.
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