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Courses of Study

Ed Student in Ghana

We offer three teacher certification fields: Elementary/Collaborative, Secondary Education, and Arts Education. The Religion-Education Interdisciplinary major is also available for students not seeking certification. All are four-year undergraduate degrees.

Certification areas include elementary/collaborative education for students who wish to teach grades kindergarten through six. This major offers certification in both elementary education and collaborative teacher K-6 (special education). Certification programs are also offered for students to teach secondary education grades 6-12 and for students to teach in arts education (visual art or music education) in preschool through 12. Within these disciples, students receive degrees in their academic areas and are certified to teach.

Elementary/Collaborative Education Bachelor of Science grades K-6
Secondary Education grades 6-12
English Language Arts (English Degree)
General Social Science (History or History/Political Science Degree)

Arts Education grades P-12
Visual Arts
Music Education
Religion-Education (non-certification)