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Minor in Latin
The following courses are required (5 units):
four units in Latin at the 200 level or above
one elective unit in classical language, literature, archaeology, art,
history, philosophy or culture from the following:
ARH 215, ARH 311, CL 211, CL 301, EH 280, PL 251
courses in Latin and archaeology available through the
Sunoikisis program
relevant courses available through the BACHE program with
approval from the Classics faculty
No more than two courses in the BACHE program may be counted
toward any Classics minor.
Courses in Classics
CL 150 Urbanism and the City in Antiquity (1)
Introduces students to the historical development of the urban
environment in major Mediterranean cities of classical antiquity and
the social, economic and political priorities expressed through them.
The course examines whether Birmingham exhibits similar priorities
through its history, and the potential developments Birmingham may
experience in the future.
CL 211 Mythology (1)
A survey of the myths of Greece and Rome with a view toward their
religious, historical, and literary development.
CL 293, 393, 493 Independent Study in Classics (½ or 1)
Directed study for advanced students. Specific guidelines concerning
independent study projects appear in the Individualized Study section
of this catalog.
CL 298, 398, 498 Teaching Experience in Classics (½ or 1)
A teaching experience course. Specific guidelines concerning teaching
experiences appear in the Individualized Study section of this catalog.
CL 301 Greek Civilization (1)
A survey of the history, literature, and art of the Greeks from their
beginning to Alexander the Great.