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Chinese (CHN)
Anita Huang
Major Requirements
No major or minor is offered in Chinese.
Courses in Chinese
CHN 101 Elementary Chinese I (1)
An introduction to the Mandarin Chinese language in regards to
speaking, listening, reading, writing, and culture. Designed for students
who have no prior knowledge of Chinese.
CHN 102 Elementary Chinese II (1)
A continuation of CHN 101
Prerequisite: CHN 101.
CHN 220 Intermediate Chinese I (1)
Building on beginning Chinese, this course reviews basic grammar
and pronunciation concepts, builds vocabulary, and further develops
language skills. Prerequisites: CHN 101 and 102 or consent. Fall.
CHN 221 Intermediate Chinese II (1)
A continuation of CHN 220. Prerequisite: CHN 220 or consent. Spring.
CHN 270 Conversational Chinese (1)
Instruction and practice in oral comprehension and speaking.
Conversation is based on texts and videos. The course emphasizes oral
pro ciency and awareness of Chinese culture. Prerequisite: CHN 220 or
consent. Fall.