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ARH 345 Medieval Narrative in Words and Pictures (1)
An investigation of medieval modes of reading texts and images.
Beginning with working definitions of such words as
this seminar will explore such through
interdisciplinary case studies and will address topics like the relations of
images and texts, reception, and compositional structure and meaning.
Also listed as HON 345, this course may be counted by Honors
Program students toward fulfillment of their course requirements.
Prerequisite: art history major.
ARH 400 Special Topics in Art History (1)
Exploration of selected topics or problems in art history. This course
may be repeated once for credit. Prerequisite: art or art history major or
ARH 405 Pre-Columbian Art (1)
An examination of the visual arts and architecture of the ancient
Americas from roughly 1500 BCE to the Spanish conquest in the
sixteenth century, considered in a social-historical context and with
emphasis on the Maya, Aztec, and Inca cultures. Prerequisite: ARH 215
or ARH 216.
ARH 415 Nineteenth-Century Art (1)
A study of the major European art movements from about 1760 to
with a brief inclusion of their correlation in America. Focus
is given to viewing artworks in their social‑historical contexts.
Prerequisite: ARH 216.
ARH 416 Modern Art (1)
An examination of the visual arts of Europe and the United States
from approximately 1880 through the 1960s. The course considers
the leading artists and artistic movements of this time period, from
Postimpressionism to Pop and Minimalism. In addition, this course
provides an introductory understanding of how these artists both
influenced and were influenced by their social-historical contexts. Focus
will be given to painting and sculpture. Prerequisite: ARH 216.
ARH 417 Contemporary Art (1)
An examination of international trends in the visual arts since the
s. New interpretive methods and current issues and debates
surrounding artistic production and reception are also considered.
Prerequisite: ARH 216.
ARH 473 Senior Capstone in Art History (1)
An advanced exploration of an art-historical topic of the student’s
choice, and approved by the instructor. Students will conduct in-
depth, directed research culminating in a substantial paper and public
presentation that demonstrate knowledge of art historical concepts and
research methodology. Prerequisites: art history major, senior standing.