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Dean’s List of Distinguished Students
The Dean’s List of Distinguished Students is compiled by the Dean
of Records at the end of both the fall and spring terms. It consists of the
names of those students who have maintained a grade point average of
or higher on work attempted during the term. To qualify for the
Dean’s List, a student must take at least four full units and receive a letter
grade of “C” or higher for each of the courses in which he or she has
enrolled. No student is eligible for the Dean’s List in any term during which
he or she has received an incomplete grade (“X,” “Y,” “O,” or “N”), or a
grade of “S.”
Honors at Graduation
The final, cumulative grade point average is calculated to three decimal
places and rounded to the nearest hundredth. Students who during their
academic careers establish a grade point average of 3.50 are graduated
cum laude
those who establish a grade point average of 3.75 are graduated
magna cum laude
and those with a grade point average of 3.90 are
summa cum laude
Academic Awards
The following is a partial list of awards granted at the close of each
academic year for outstanding scholarship and achievement. These
and other awards and recognitions are presented on Honors Day, held
during the spring term. At the Honoring Scholarship Conference held in
conjunction with Honors Day, students present their scholarly research and
musical and artistic works.
The Acton Award
is given to a student or students who are deemed to
have reached a level of excellence in the field of mathematics.
The Alpha Lambda Delta Scholarship Award
is awarded each year to
an outstanding junior member of Alpha Lambda Delta.
The American Bible Society Award
a Greek‑English New Testament, is
given annually by the American Bible Society to the senior student who has
done the most outstanding work in Biblical studies.
The American Institute of Chemists Award
is awarded to the
outstanding senior chemistry major each year.
The Analytical Division of American Chemical Society
awards a
subscription to the journal
Analytical Chemistry
to an outstanding junior
who displays interest and aptitude for a career in analytical chemistry.