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PS 366 Politics of Mexico and Central America
PS 393 Independent Study (when on Latin American topic)
PS 410 Development in the Americas
PY 216 Health, Illness, and Healing in Cultural Context
SN 350 Latinos in the United States
SN 365 Latin American Civilization
SN 370 Special Topics in Culture (when taught on a Latin
American topic, such as Latin American films or human
rights in Latin America)
SN 402 Panorama of Latin American Literature
SN 495 Special Topics in Literature (when taught on a Latin
American topic)
Courses in Latin American Studies
LAS 200 Seminar in Latin American Studies (1)
An interdisciplinary seminar in Latin American studies taught by a
faculty member with a specialty in the area. The focus of the seminar
will change each time it is offered: for example, topics include the
dictator in Latin America, the role of the family, women in Latin
America. Prerequisites: EH 102 and at least one year of college