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HI 283 (BSC) or HY 475 (UAB) or Hist 444 (S)
HI 385 (BSC) or Hist 442 (S)
HI 284 (BSC) or HIST 435 (UM) or HY 374 (UAB) or HY 477
UAB) or HY 376 (UAB)
HI 386 (BSC) or HY 375 (UAB) or HY 376 (UAB)
HI 287 (BSC)
HI 288 (BSC)
Religion/Philosophy in Historical Perspective:
HI 282 (BSC) or RE 340 (MC)
PHL 239 (UAB) or RE 221 (BSC)
Political Science
PS 209 (UAB)
PS 361 (BSC)
Indic/Islamic Electives
HI 265 (BSC) or Hist 426 (S)
HY 421 (UAB) or Hist 456 (S) or Hist 464 (S)
Religion/Philosophy in Historical Perspective:
PHL 239 (UAB) or RE 221 (BSC)
Social Sciences:
PS 202 (MC)
SO 301 (MC)
Descriptions of courses appearing on the chart above for courses taught
at Birmingham-Southern may be found under their respective disciplines
in the Curriculum section of this catalog. Descriptions of courses taught
at other institutions may be obtained by contacting the Director of Asian
Courses in Asian Studies
AN 150 Introduction to Chinese Culture (1)
A survey of Chinese culture, taught in English. The course provides
students with a better understanding of the Chinese people and culture,
and prepares students to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.
Topics include geography, business, politics, philosophy, religion, art,
music, film, medicine, food, family, and history.
AN 470 Senior Project in Asian Studies (1)
A research project that demonstrates a student’s ability to investigate
a problem relating to Asia. The research paper required must use
scholarly and, if possible, primary sources, either in translation or
in the appropriate Asian language. Prerequisite: senior standing in
Asian Studies.