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Minor Requirements
The following courses are required (5 units):
PL 250
PL 251
PL 252
one unit in PL at the 300 level or above
one elective unit in PL
Graduation with Disciplinary Honors in Philosophy
Philosophy majors may graduate with honors in philosophy by
fulfilling the following requirements:
Complete the requirements for a major in philosophy.
Attain a 3.50 or better grade point average in all courses taken at
Birmingham‑Southern College.
Attain a 3.50 or better grade point average in all philosophy courses
taken at Birmingham‑Southern College.
Submit a proposal for an Honors research project to be
substantially developed during the senior seminar in philosophy.
This project must meet the standard qualifications for enrollment in
the senior seminar with the additional qualification of a 20‑25‑page
paper that earns a grade of “A‑” or better.
Courses in Philosophy
PL 200 Ethical Choice (1)
A beginning‑level course about moral decision‑making. Part of the
course focuses on case studies of ethical choices pertaining to property,
welfare, violence, punishment, war, and similar topics. The other part of
the course is an introduction to ethical theory focusing on the processes
by which moral norms are established and critically evaluated.
PL 201 Introduction to Philosophy (1)
Basic problems and forms of inquiry that have shaped the Western
philosophical heritage. The course may focus on problems of morality,
religion, political philosophy, and theories about the nature and limits
of human knowledge.
PL 202 Ethical Issues in Business (1)
A look at some of the major ethical issues facing American businesses
today. The approach of the course is to bring the analytical and
conceptual tools of ethical theory to major business concerns.
In addition to studying such applied issues as corporate social
responsibility, affirmative action, and employee rights, the course also
has a strong theoretical component.