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French (FR)
Major Requirements
No major or minor is offered in French.
Courses in French
FR 101 Elementary French I (1)
An introduction to the sounds and structure of the language as well
as to the culture of French-speaking peoples. Skills emphasized are
reading, writing, speaking, and oral comprehension. Fall.
FR 102 Elementary French II (1)
A continuation of FR 101. Prerequisite: FR 101. Spring.
FR 201 Fundamentals of French Grammar (1)
A review of the fundamentals of grammar designed primarily for
students who have had only one or two years of language on the high
school level. Fall, Spring.
FR 220 Intermediate French (1)
A course built on beginning French that thoroughly reviews basic
grammar concepts, builds vocabulary, and further develops all four
language skills. Prerequisite: FR 102 or 201. Fall, Spring.
FR 270 Conversation fran├žaise (1)
Instruction and practice in oral comprehension and speaking.
Conversation is based on
newspapers, magazines, videos). The
course increases oral proficiency and awareness of modern culture.
Prerequisite: FR 220. Fall.
FR 280 Approches de lecture (1)
An introduction to French literature as well as to the skills and methods
needed to read literature in the French language. This course provides
practice in and application of these skills using a variety of genres.
Prerequisite: FR 220. Spring.