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English (EH)
Bachelor of Arts
Kent Andersen, Jane Archer, Frederick Ashe, Clare Emily Clifford,
William Tynes Cowan, Susan K. Hagen, Emily Klein, Michael L. McInturff,
Sandra L. Sprayberry, Joseph Stitt, John D. Tatter, David W. Ullrich
The courses offered by the English faculty serve a twofold purpose:
to teach students to formulate and articulate their thoughts clearly and
effectively in both our spoken and written language, and to help students
develop a critical understanding of work by writers of American, British,
and world literature.
The English faculty understands that students come to the study of
English with diverse interests and motives. Therefore, with faculty guidance,
a student majoring in English may design a course of English study to
satisfy those interests while maintaining some of the depth and breadth
of study traditionally expected in the discipline. Such subjects as gender
studies, ethnic literature, literature in various interdisciplinary contexts,
literary history, literary theory, and the teaching of English suggest possible
The study of literature provides students with an appreciation of
various responses of men and women to the human condition; in addition,
the study of English serves as a humane preparation for careers in fields
such as teaching, law, medicine, government service, journalism, and
publishing. Students considering graduate study in English should consult
with a member of the English faculty as soon as possible to plan the most
appropriate course of study.
Sequential numbering within 200- and 300-level courses does not
represent a graduating scale of difficulty.
Neither credit by examination in the AP and IB programs, nor
individualized educational experiences (such as individual contracts,
internships, or tutorials) fulfill general education requirements in writing
or literature.
Upon completion of the English major, students will be able to
analyze a literary text for form, structure, and genre,
form a thesis and support it with a coherent and unified essay
formulate a sound argument based on textual and contextual
apply and integrate scholarly material,
produce prose with a clear, confident voice.