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Coursework and/or a degree accepted from institutions outside of
the United States shall be substantiated by an evaluation of the foreign
credentials from a state, federal, or private foreign credential evaluation
service recognized by the Alabama State Department Office of Teacher
Education and Certification.
Please note, Teacher Education Program requirements at Birmingham-
Southern College are subject to change from the Alabama State Department
of Education without notice. This includes requirements for entrance into
the Teacher Education Program, continuation in the Teacher Education
Program, program completion, and recommendation for certification.
Eligibility for the Teacher Education Program
Students pursuing teaching certification must apply and be admitted to
the Teacher Education Program (TEP). Application forms include a signed
Professional Behaviors Statement and a self-evaluation. Applications must
be approved by the education faculty before students may enroll in 300- or
level courses in education.
The criteria for admission to and continuation in the Teacher Education
Program are as follows:
Completion of at least 13 units of credit or the equivalent.
A grade point average of 2.50 or higher in professional studies (ED,
EPY) and in the teaching field. Grades of “C” or higher in all courses
in professional studies (ED, EPY). A grade of “C-” is not acceptable.
Students cannot enroll in more than five professional education
courses before admission or re-admission into the TEP.
Successful interview and ePortfolio review with two or more
members of the faculty, including completion of a writing sample.
Evidence of teaching aptitude as demonstrated by successful
completion of ED 299 Exploring Teaching, and ED 201 or EPY 260.
A passing score on all sections of the Alabama Prospective Teacher
Basic Skills Assessment Test.
Successfully complete a background review (fingerprinting).