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a different kind of program
for a different kind of success
The BSC Entrepreneurship Program encourages and supports the study
of entrepreneurship with a focus on the for-profit sector. Since 2010, the
Entrepreneurship Program has awarded more than $40,000 to students in order to
foster a spirit of entrepreneurship among a new generation of business innovators.
BSC alums Jane and Kevin Stump generously endowed the program in recognition
of the College’s mission to cultivate a shared vision of business savvy and public
responsibility. An endowed fund created by Joseph S. Bruno, who grew a small
store established in 1932, to a publicly traded, multi-billion dollar corporation,
also supports the College’s Entrepreneurship Program.
The program centers on
six components
Scholarships to recruit students with a drive to study entrepreneurship
Courses in business emphasizing for-profit entrepreneurship projects
Internships with companies focused on entrepreneurship
Membership benefits to attend Birmingham Venture Club events
Mentor relationships between students and entrepreneurs
Annual lectures by nationally known entrepreneurs
I hope the program exposes students to the
concept of entrepreneurship, teaches them
what to expect as an entrepreneur, and helps
them develop skills to succeed. I also want
students to know that entrepreneurship
includes taking risks and that risk-taking
can be both exciting and rewarding if it is
approached in the right way.”
founder, president, and CEO
Interconn Resources, Inc.