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Spring 2013 7
Elliott at the Real Alcázar (Royal Place)
in Seville, Spain.
internship program, Dr. Mary Harrison
assistant professor of marketing and Dr.
Janie Spencer professor of Spanish attended
the Global Internship Conference in
Berkeley, California. Both Dr. Harrison
and Dr. Spencer noted that this conference
enabled university faculty and staff to have
extensive conversations with employers
and foreign government officials on
international internships.
“Students who complete an international
internship distinguish themselves in an
applicant pool, a differentiation that is
needed to be competitive for graduate
school and in the job market,” Dr. Harrison
said. “I want our students to have every
competitive advantage possible in the
marketplace, and international internships
are a key way that students can achieve their
A number of BSC students have already
taken advantage of opportunities to study
and work abroad.
Will Hannon
, a senior economics major,
is currently working in Seville, Spain, for
Partido Popular, a Spanish political party.
Recently, Will helped coordinate a series
of speeches by regional and national party
leaders. In addition to gaining valuable
work experience, the cultural immersion is
strengthening his Spanish skills. “Being in
a work environment in Spain has improved
my language proficiency immensely,”
Will said. Spain is in the middle of an
election season, and this fast-paced work
environment has really forced me to adapt
Grace Elliott
, a senior business
administration major with a minor in
Spanish in the workplace, is also studying
in Spain in the fall of 2012. While in
Spain, Grace took both Spanish and
business classes through the Center
for Cross-Cultural Studies (CCCS).
“Throughout the study abroad process,
I have learned what I enjoy doing most,
what I am passionate about, and how I
handle certain situations best,“ Grace said.
“Gaining these insights is helping clarify
my career path. I think it is important to
broaden our minds and to continually
increase our knowledge of other cultures
by traveling and constantly meeting people
in other parts of the world, and I am now
determined to find a career that allows
me to do so for the rest of my life.” After
graduation, Grace hopes to pursue an
international business career.
Lydia Robinson
is another business
student who has enjoyed a recent
international adventure. She interned in
London last summer in an experience that
complemented an internship she had at
EBSCO Industries as a finance and sales
analyst. While in England, Lydia explored
London, attended a Wimbledon match, saw
the Olympic beach volleyball competition,
and visited Wales.
The new international focus of the
College’s business department illustrates
the faculty’s focus on preparing students for
real-world success. In addition to teaching
organizational leadership and management
skills in a liberal arts setting, the business
department is creating a model for other
departments to follow in encouraging
students to achieve foreign language
proficiency and gain work experience that
will distinguish them in today’s business
environment. With the launch of new
academic and internship programs,
business students are poised for success in
college and beyond. Such collaborative
efforts not only advance Dr. Robicheaux’s
vision for Birmingham-Southern, but they
also strengthen the college’s roots in the
global community.
Robinson globally immersing herself by studying abroad in el Cajon del Maipo in the Andes (Chile).
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