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Spring 2013 5
The BSC Entrepreneurship
Program centers on six
Scholarships to recruit
students with a drive to study
Courses in business emphasizing
for-profit entrepreneurship
Internships with companies
focused on entrepreneurship
Membership benefits to attend
Birmingham Venture Club events
Mentor relationships between
students and entrepreneurs
Annual lecture from nationally
known entrepreneurs
Program News
learn the dynamics involved in founding
and managing a company. As an
entreprenuership scholar, he is particularly
looking forward to connecting with business
leaders and completing an internship that
will give him real-world experience in
working with a successful company.
Richard Patrick Joyce III
is from
Suwanee, Georgia. In high school, Richard
held leadership positions in the Future
Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and
participated in statewide FBLA contests with
a focus on personal finance. He also helped
manage a golf cart cleaning service and
worked as a youth lacrosse referee. Richard
is debating how best to combine his interests
in business and health care.
Chase Maxson
is from Atlanta. Named
by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of
Georgia’s top 20 under 20 in 2010, Chase
started several small business ventures
while in high school. He founded Wild
Lollies (a custom lollipop company), started
a stencil art portrait service, excelled in
graphic design, and completed a paid social
enterprise internship. He also assumed a
leadership role in his school’s efforts to aid
victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Chase
plans to pursue an entrepreneurial career.
David Harris Oates
is from Charlotte,
North Carolina. Harris’s entrepreneurship
experience began with his founding of
Stringing for Service, a nonprofit company
that attaches nylon mesh to lacrosse
equipment. He donates the company’s
proceeds to the Headstrong Foundation in
support of brain cancer research. Harris
plans to start his own business after
graduating from BSC.
Scout Turner
is from Murfreesboro,
Tennessee. While in high school, Scout
founded a business, Bell Buckle Pottery
Place, where customers painted custom
pottery. She managed employees, handled
scheduling, and oversaw customer relations.
Scout gained further business experience by
working as a sales associate in stores selling
outdoor goods. A member of Phi Alpha
Delta pre-law society, Scout plans to earn
a law degree and then start her own law
Reflecting on my experience as a Stump
Scholar, the opportunity to intern
with Integrated Media Systems (IMS)
has been a highlight of my college
career thus far. IMS is a small business
that offers audiovisual technology
services to residential and commercial
clients and specializes in providing
locally monitored security systems.
IMS is housed in Innovation Depot,
a nationally recognized technology
incubator in downtown Birmingham.
As an intern in the summer of 2012,
I helped with the organization’s
marketing efforts, became a member of
the sales team, and worked in the field.
Thanks to my internship, I learned the
importance of flexibility, long hours,
and hard work. I also realized that little
details are important in managing a
small business; for example, I learned
to carry multiple business cards because
everyone is a potential customer. I also
saw that customer satisfaction is a huge
part of a small business. If a company
does a great job, then the customer
is likely to recommend its services or
product. Given that companies often
have limited funds for advertising,
referrals can be an easy way to get free
marketing. The most important lesson
I learned this summer, however, is
that persistence is crucial for success.
Challenges will inevitably confront an
organization, but managing difficulties
and handling the hard times will make
eventual success more rewarding and
On behalf of my fellow Stump Scholars,
I would like to thank BSC alums Jane
and Kevin Stump for endowing the
College’s Entrepreneurship Program.
This program enables BSC students to
benefit from an array of opportunities
rarely available at undergraduate
liberal arts institutions. One of the
Southeast’s foremost entrepreneurs,
Kevin Stump is the founder, president,
and CEO of Interconn Resources, Inc.
An endowed fund created by Joseph S.
Bruno also supports the program. Mr.
Bruno had tremendous entrepreneurial
success, building a multi-billion dollar
corporation from his company’s roots
as a small store founded in 1932. Both
the Stump and Bruno families have set
inspiring examples of entrepreneurial
success for BSC students.
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